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in using social media we all occaisionaly go to vent and express ourselves, or at least we all have this person that seems to vent a lot on their twitter or snapchat (etc), at first I thought this app/social network is cool and I tried it, they have a “feeling” attached to a post to express yourself better and then you can write the post itself.

and the cutest thing happened, they have buttons similar to (like) or (fav) except they are “Hug”, “LOL”, “OMG” and “WTF”.
then after I posted something, a random person Hug’d (that’s how they spell it) my post and then I got what this app is all about, its about sharing and caring for one another, and its a very personal and really adorable app.

check it out if you have something on your mind to say, get it if you need a hug or even if you wanna try and make some people feel better, it could make someones day just a tiny bit better.

**available on iOS and Android Market**

check out their Twitter [Here] and their page [Here]

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