I dunno if i trust Google Anymore

before watching this i used to love and trust Google, now i think its another (and probably more successful) Microsoft/Apple, they are – all three – trying to take over our lives for profit, what do you think ??

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7 comments on “I dunno if i trust Google Anymore
  1. Juvebizkit says:

    A real life Umbrella Corp ladies and gentlemen

  2. Greak says:

    ^^^ no dude this is Matrix Sh!t, Where’s Neo when you need him, or Trinity 😛 ……………………not Morpheus

  3. Mephisto says:

    dude teh matrix was a movie, this is real life…

  4. Greak says:

    matrix IS a movie and it is REAL.

  5. Mephisto says:

    matrix is a nice movie, but Google is not something you’re gonna watch, it’s not something that can be changed by a “chosen one”..
    snap out of that bullshit coz this is reality, if Google want to take over your life, they will, and theres nothing u can do about it, now don’t think that i don’t like Google, but i’m still afraid of what power this company has, further more a movie can imitate reality, they can have great metaphors of things occuring in real life, but Google is real, the events that are happening are not written and directed they are planned and executed, i hope that Google does follow it’s motto “don’t do Evil” because taking care of the information of people in this day and age is a great burden, and a great power at the same time, and with that kind of power they can change the world as we know it, online and in real life…

  6. Eliasoz says:

    Very sensationalist video. Me no like.

  7. YousiF says:

    Who is switching to Yahoo now 😛 ?

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