A sad day for true metal fans…

Ronnie James Dio passed away yesterday, after a long battle with stomach cancer. Often referred to as just “Dio”, he was most recognized for his powerful voice. His earlier bands were Elf and Rainbow, which he left to join Black Sabbath, replacing Ozzy Osbourne. He made three albums with them. Then went on to make his own band, Dio.

Dio had a cameo appearance in the awesome opening for the Tenacious D movie, the Pick of Destiny (<< epic video too), check it out:

His most recent work was with Heaven & Hell, which released a pretty good album in 2009. It’s basically the same line-up he had with Black Sabbath, including legendary guitarist Tonny Iommi, but the name was changed for legal reasons. For me this is the best line-up, as the albums Dio made with Black Sabbath are some of my favorites of all time.

Click here for the CNN article. RIP Dio.

-Here are a bunch of songs for the man:
*Songs with Black Sabbath:

“Falling of the Edge of the World” is one of my favorites, but youtube has no good versions. Also, “Over and Over” is awesome:

*2 classics from “Dio”:
“Holy Diver” and “Don’t Talk To Strangers”:

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3 comments on “A sad day for true metal fans…
  1. Greak says:

    RIP \m/ Holy Diver \m/

  2. Samia says:

    Yea… My bro is really upset:/ he is one of the metal gods

  3. Juvebizkit says:

    Sad But True

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