Un prophète: Review

I had my eye on this movie for a while, I wasn’t enthusiastic about it. I don’t like Oscar/Cannes winning movies. I don’t get them at all. Most of those movies are dull, dorky, slow, boring, very depressing and stupid. Un prophète (A Prophet) is a French movie; it won Grand Prix at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. This is why I was skeptical about it. I don’t wanna see another No Country for Old Men or The White Ribbon.

I never saw a terrific underdog story since Scarface and Rocky. This movie is BRILLIANT. It reminded me of old Scorsese’s gangster movies with a twist of The Godfather plot. The plot flows with the main character Malik El Djebena, just as it did with Michael Corleone in the 1st Godfather.

The events take place in a prison. The Protagonist Malik is forced to be a dog for a mob boss Cesar. Soon after several missions he start to pick himself up to climb the ladder in a very dangerous atmosphere. I loved the events of how the power is shifting bit by bit From Cesar (Sicilian) to Malik (Arab). The movie was 2hrs and half; it felt shorter I was totally sucked in. This is how you know how awesome a movie is.

I thought the French Cinema is dead and the only thing they have is Cannes Festival. I’m happy I’m wrong.


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4 comments on “Un prophète: Review
  1. Ace says:

    i shall “buy” it from you :p

  2. Mephisto says:


  3. Summer says:

    I so want to watch it!!!

  4. Juvebizkit says:

    yabeela -_-

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