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KNCC: Kuwait National @#$% Company

Dear KNCC,

you suck, most of the people out there are complaining about Kuwait National Crappy Cinema for various reasons; I don’t blame them. Everyone is just fed up with their lack of efficiency and professionalism. I wish there’s another Cinema Company,  but that will never happen because no one dares to compete with a Government owned company.

Bit by bit i’m boycotting Cinema here in Kuwait for the following reasons:

1- Senseless Rating System:

every movie has its own rating according to the content, for example some movies are rated R, PG, PG-13, NC-17.

Each rating has its own implications, in KNCC its all the same, regardless of the movie’s rating, for example an explicit movie with sexual content and drug abuse is rated similarly as a kindergarten movie. the rating process doesn’t make sense with the content of the movies.

The main problem with KNCC’s rating system is that children can attend ALL sorts of movies. And no one gives a damn, not the Adults who brought their Children or the Staff which are just a luxury decoration. I mean who can’t find their seats in the theater? why are there ushers ?

2-Meaningless Censorship:

I like watching movies, and i like to watch the whole movie, and nothing but the complete movie, without butchering the freaking thing. I know KNCC has nothing to do with the editing procedures. But a movie like Mesrine: Killer Instinct is 113 Minutes long. In KNCC’s page its announced as 100 Min long, meaning that there are 13 Minutes missing; KNCC can do the courtesy of saying: MOI butchered the movie so we will not release it ,and we’re not gonna take your money for a movie with half of the scenes missing, but the do.

Also, I don’t think MOI only censors the sexual content. I KNOW they censor other totally ordinary scenes and I don’t know why they were taken out of the movie. So, again Why do you have an 18+ rating system ? for what ? what is OK for an 18 year old and not for an 15 year old?

3-Sad Library:

I just feel so disappointed  by this. Only a fragment of the movies shown outside of Kuwait are shown here. There Are so many AMAZING movies from all around the world; which are way better than the movies  being shown. You are dependent on the US movie industry. What about French and Korean movies? I don’t see them reach our Cinemas. Why? My favorite movies are mostly Korean movies they are beautifully made I wonder why you neglect them ?

Not to mention the old movies being run. This is just sad; movies from 4-3 years ago. I mean they are not like a classic re-runs are they? So, why charge me the same as a new movie ? In London the older the movie the cheaper the ticket. KNCC only shows movies which are presented to them by big distributers; Hollywood blockbusters which SELL. Other movies are suffering from weak marketing and the terrible publicity system. I don’t think KNCC has a list of movies to choose from, not to mention that BIG movies don’t always make it here.

4-Expensive Tickets:

I, as a consumer, expect the value of my purchase to be satisfying. Not with KNCC, sure they implemented IMAX, 3D Digital, and Digital movies; so did the companies in India. The Price of the ticket has been increasing for a long period of time. Now I have to pay 3KD for a reel movie and a 3.5KD for Digital movies in 2D and 3D– in which they are all censored. In addition I have to pay 4 KD for IMAX, of which the censoring system is done manually by the guy upstairs; he puts his hands to block the projector for some of the scenes!!

I swear it happened in Avatar. There was some sort of adult scene, and for some reason they couldn’t censor it. So, the guy used his hands to block the projector. He made a nice butterfly while at it.

When will KNCC provide Digital movies, in ALL the theaters? What about Mondays ? its a brilliant idea to chop the price in half in that day; especially if you order from Domino’s Pizza they have an offer on Mondays. Order any pizza from them and you’ll get the other for free. Pretty good economic day. The thing is the half price offer is only for the reel movies, What about the digital movies? will they have a half price day?  I don’t think so.

not only the tickets at KNCC are expenive but also the beverages and food. KD1 for a hotdog? Kitco Nachos for 1KD ? Popcorn ? Why can’t I bring my own food ? like a Flafel ? will it hurt your secure budget?


Bachelors? :\ really ? Why do “Bachelors’ have the worst seats in the theater? KNCc has a certain time slot and a whole theater in 360 Mall for them now, right ? good job wow that’s inspiring. How about a WHOLE day or a better idea, a whole Cinema for them .Like Al-Fanar will be FOR ADULT BACHELORS ONLY, FAMILIES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED THERE, ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTERS HERE.

What will your efficient Ushers do if they face “Bachelors” with tickets in the families area? You will not let them in ? Typical, but it is totally fine if “Bachelors” booked tickets for their area and they found out there are families sitting next to them, WTF??

With HD content on the internet, and the comfort of full UNCENSORED downloadable movies I grow more and more without the need to go to KNCC. Unfortunately, I will be attend your cinemas, for now KNCC. There are some movies I can not wait to watch. Like Inception

P.S: your VIP Theaters suck.

Edit: We at Welurk play nice and don’t mean disrespect to crappy KNCC :p ~ (Ace)

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16 comments on “KNCC: Kuwait National @#$% Company
  1. Pisces Chick says:

    Wow! You call it Kuwait National Crappy Cinema?
    I call it .. KNCC = Kuwait Nonsense Censorship Center

    Yeah! They suck big time!! (>.<)

  2. swera says:

    i’ve heard sm news that a new cinema company will open soon bs 3ad madre esha3at wella 9j!

  3. Ace says:

    7mood I agree with you except the vip theater sucks, la2na it doesn’t suck but if your paying for vip why is it cut >=O, also the part about foreign movies sadly that can be argued, they are trying to run a business here not a charity, so if the movie isn’t succeeding abroad its definitely not gonna succeed over here so why waste money and bring it over here when they know there is no profit from that move, as for your remark about families in the bachelor place god damn that really does piss me off -_-
    Yea that’s the reason why my movie going days are already over sadly only movies you can go to here are the movies you know they wont cut like How To Train a Dragon and yes i know they cut a Kiss from it too =/… hey least I can go to Toy Story 3 and enjoy it.

    • Greak says:

      Ace: what do they expect when releasing a 2005 movie ? profit? I think they make profit cuz there are a LOT of ignorant ppl who just wana go to the movie and dont care whats the movie and who is in, it they dont even know the name of the movie. I just wanted some caring thoughts from a CINEMA company not a butcher house.
      P-chan: I should have thought of that name :\
      Swera: I dont think so, where are they gona build those new cinemas? the mall are infested with KNCC and building a whole thing for cinema is just very expensive. oo no one goes against the government.
      His: I know, its MOI (Misitry of Information) who censor the movies.

  4. His says:

    Man…people keep talking about them but nothings going to happen. Just one thing, the censorship is not their fault.

  5. Juvebizkit says:

    yup,the obvious thing, nothing new about this, KNCC sucks big time and the only time I’ve enjoyed being in kuwait cinema was in the third part of LOTR when the big Ahmadi cinema was opened and few people was watching. if someone can open another cinema and show these guys how to put a movie theater experience, I’ll be the first one to support him!

  6. Vainglorious says:

    I agree with everything u said, its really annoying! Even cartoons are censored! That’s absurd!

  7. Mephisto says:

    hey dude i edited some stuff, the ones that i couldnt make sense i left alone, lol.
    but seriously i think u should calm down and stop raging over KNCC, they’re shit and not worth all the pain.
    i really go to the cinema to enjoy my time with friends, and eat popcorn 😛

  8. Summer says:

    Actually there will be a new cinema company in Kuwait.

  9. Eliasoz says:

    Cinemagic is a speck of hope. But in these hot summer days they’re useless.

  10. Shaba9a says:

    im totally with you on rating system and the movies they choose for the re-runs arent that good =/ i can just watch em on mbc4 xD most movies didnt make it here a9lan like valentines day and wayed b3d =/
    they suck 7adhom chan zen fe another cinema company =3

  11. JassQ8 says:

    meh lost cause buddy .. god bless torrent and blurays :-)

  12. Samia says:

    Around of applause for you the 1000 of people who can’t voice their thoughts on how the crappy cinema system here!
    Thank you from my bottom of my heart!

  13. fajorie says:

    I know they really really suck =/
    the way the present movies really STUPID =/

  14. q8travelbud says:

    I hear you …. you know i still don’t blame them … the laws in our country are just getting worst … tarkeen iljarayem o imjableen ilraqabah ..

  15. VaNiSH says:

    if you’re not satisfied with the complaints..please refer to this amazing site “”..its the banned movies :)…that u’ll never get to watch on kncc 😀!/profile.php?id=100001160521327

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