Kuwait horror movie.

    Here is a local thriller/horror short film. It was made by a bunch of Kuwaiti students here. They filmed it a few months ago and below it is part 2 which was just released. Enjoy and comment with your thoughts 🙂
    Part 2:
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    6 comments on “Kuwait horror movie.
    1. YousiF says:

      I shouldn’t just ignore this horrible post which I am highly disappointed in for the sake of the upcoming viewers… Do Not Watch This Utter Fail, or you probably should just to suffer as much as I did xD.

      Its like based on the most senseless 80s/90s horror movies (and a daily life of a Kuwaity teen) the story has a smell of creativity at some points but still is considerably weak, even though I didn’t progress to the next video but seriously I don’t see this going anywhere, not to mention how boring it was.

      Massively long for so few to offer, conclusion is not promising… and btw, I can’t find the parts where I can call this a horror/thriller movie, should be labeled as “lol?” or “emo psycho” or my personal fav “waste of time”.

    2. Greak says:

      I agree. and whats wrong with their voices ?
      are they dubbed ?

    3. Mephisto says:

      wow, apparently i know one of they guys in this movie, and even though the movie was shitty, but i recognize the efforts they must have gone through, as far as amateur work goes.
      generally i think they can do much more.

    4. Eliasoz says:

      Yes, this is a very amateur post and the voices have been dubbed because the camera was of low quality (same for part 2). It was thought up of on the spot, so really, you can’t expect much, but the idea is to give constructive criticism so hopefully they improve.

      The director just got a new camera so whatever they do next should be more planned and thought out, let’s hope. Unfortunately the director’s main influences are recent horror movies ;p (la y6egny lol).

      P.S. Keep in mind it’s a “student” movie so keep your expectations in place :p I hope the new writer they got does a better job lol. Since they just threw this together.

    5. Mephisto says:

      yeah, i think the main thing they have to work on is the story behind the movie, the direction looks just fine to me, and the dubbing part doesn’t annoy me, furthermore i think they are better off doing some kind parody or a comedy, somehow we are better at that than anything else.

    6. FinVortex says:

      lol i swear to god someone i know was talking to me a few days ago about her weird coincidences with the number 222, its like everywhere around her.

      so i loled very hard when i saw this post and i sent her this link and i believe she is VEEERY scared right now 😛

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