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Augmented Reality

This is a new technology being developed for the new smart phones. Now, Qualcomm is implementing this technology in Android smartPhones. Long story short, check this video.

I remember a game on PS3 called Eye of Judgement which had the same principal; seeing the same thing on a smart phone is pretty impressive.

Also, if you are familiar with an App–Android– called Layer which lets you take pics of a certain place then you put a layer of information about this place.

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4 comments on “Augmented Reality
  1. FinVortex says:

    nice technology, but the dialogue was crap 😛

  2. Eliasoz says:

    Interesting I guess. Eye of Judgement is cooler if you’re into board games.

    Also, the iphone already has an app that overlays information over live video if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately I doubt it would work in Kuwait.

  3. TaZmaNiA says:

    yeah the new tech is eye-opening !

  4. Mephisto says:

    no. thats…
    no way

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