This is promising to be a very unique game for the PS3. It’s from the creators of fl0w and Flower. The footage is real-time video of the game.

“It’s a journey in an online world, exploring vast sand landscapes and a “mysterious civilization”. People will be able to choose to play the game alone or with others, depending on this choice their experience will be different. Journey will be focused on making the player tiny and weak again, removing the powers acquired in their modern-day lives.”

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4 comments on “Journey
  1. Juvebizkit says:

    unique character design,,, and game play not yet clear to me,,, playing their games make me feel like I’m on crack 😛

  2. FinVortex says:

    i like the idea, unique and creative

  3. Mephisto says:

    nice, i LOVED flOw and i really like the idea of journey but i wanna know when is the release date..

  4. Eliasoz says:

    2011, definitely. But when T_T

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