Youtube special: Heavy Metal Everything!

while browsing on you tube over the years, i noticed a trend of making Heavy Metal versions of many different things, so much that its so ridiculous it even got to things that don’t make sense, i will post a link under every video for the original version, to decrease the number of videos:

1# Katy Perry: maybe cause she’s hot

[Original ]

and here’s another music video for Kate, with her own voice.


it gets worse so CLICK THROUGH

2# Justin Bieber: maybe to make him look manly ?

[Metal with his Vocals]


3# some popular memes and video automatically get a metal version





4# Animal: because its not just music that is Heavy Metal’d

Technically “death metal” is more accurate but whatever [original ]

5# Video Games

this includes the original at the beginning

you can never go wrong with sonic, also the guitar is a sega mega drive 0_0

Alright that’s it for now, ill post more Heavy metal stuf if i find more, mean while. ROCK ON 😛

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One comment on “Youtube special: Heavy Metal Everything!
  1. Greak says:

    Long Live Metal \m/

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