Gary Moore (1952-2011)

I haven’t had a post here in a while, mainly due to being occupied with college. So here’s one of the few things that I thought was of note recently…

Gary Moore is a respected blues guitar musician from Ireland. His playing is iconic and he’s played with many of the blues greats like BB King, and also played with the under appreciated ’70s metal band Thin Lizzy. He died of a suspected heart attack a few weeks ago. A sad day for blues music.

Here are some of his songs. You might not appreciate the singing (I’m not the biggest fan…) but you can’t deny his skills with a guitar.


Here’s a song with Thin Lizzy, he’s the second to start singing (and I enjoy his old singing voice). This performance is especially epic because he broke his E string (the thickest one on top) – but still manages to play well:

An awesome jam with the one and only BB King:

Here is his excellent cover of Jimi Henderix’s “Red House”, goes crazy with the guitar:



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