Liars Dice

This is a game inspired by the video game Red Dead Redemption, liars dice a popular game amongst our lurkerz team and friends 😛


six normal dice are generally used per player, with cups to hide them, in each round, the players roll their dice in their cups and then keep them hidden from the other players. One player begins bidding, picking a number and quantity of the dice on the table, The quantity states the player’s opinion on how many of the chosen number will be on the table (all of the players dice). the lowest bid is “one 1” and the highest bid depends on number of players and dice.

Each player has three choices during his turn:

  • make a higher bid: Raising the bid means either increasing the quantity, or the number of the dice.
  • calling the previous bid as being wrong (lie).
  • calling the previous bid as being right (true).

If the current player thinks the previous player’s bid is wrong/right, he challenges it, and then all dice are revealed to determine whether the bid was valid.

  • in the case of calling a Lie:

If the number of the relevant face revealed is at least as high as the bid, then the bid is valid, in which case the bidder wins. Otherwise, the current player wins.

Example: if a bid of “seven 4s” is challenged, the bid is successful (and the player who made it wins) if there are seven or more fours. The bid fails (the bidder is a Liar and the challenger wins) if there are less than seven fours.

  • in the case of calling a Truth:

the bid should be exactly matching to what the challenger thinks its true, if it’s more or less, the challenger loses.

Example: if a bid of “Five 6’s” is challenged to be true, the bid only fails when its exactly Five Dice with 6’s, otherwise the challenger loses.

The player may bid an increased quantity of the same number, or any quantity of a higher number. Given a bid of “three 2s”, the minimum raise is either “four 2s” or any quantity of “3s”. This is very common as it generally gives players many options, allowing for the most information to be gained. and in this rule, the value of the bid cannot be lowered.

Winning and Losing:

the object of the game is to be the one with the most dice, when the rest of the players loose all theirs, in each round, following the rules given above, if a challenger wins in calling out a “Lie”, the bidder looses one die, but if the bid was not a “Lie” the challenger looses one die, on the other hand if a Challenger wins a “True/Truth” bid, ALL the players are supposed to loose one die, but if the dice were different than the bid, only the challenger looses one die.


here’s a video that might help with understanding it better:


please note that Liar’s Dice has many variations and versions, this is the simplest and most fun version. it’s also possible to increase or decrease the number of dice, depending on how many dice/players you have, and how much time you want to spend per game, usually we play with five people, each with six dice, but if theres only three, we can make them each with seven dice..etc.


if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me on:

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