Jurrasic Park in Lego

Lego creations in stop otion are always impressive.

then someone made a jurrasic part one.

its like a tame version of Robot Chicken

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Vent app – Android and iOS venting


in using social media we all occaisionaly go to vent and express ourselves, or at least we all have this person that seems to vent a lot on their twitter or snapchat (etc), at first I thought this app/social network is cool and I tried it, they have a “feeling” attached to a post to express yourself better and then you can write the post itself.

and the cutest thing happened, they have buttons similar to (like) or (fav) except they are “Hug”, “LOL”, “OMG” and “WTF”.
then after I posted something, a random person Hug’d (that’s how they spell it) my post and then I got what this app is all about, its about sharing and caring for one another, and its a very personal and really adorable app.

check it out if you have something on your mind to say, get it if you need a hug or even if you wanna try and make some people feel better, it could make someones day just a tiny bit better.

**available on iOS and Android Market**

check out their Twitter [Here] and their page [Here]

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Recreating famous logos

Artist Seb Lester uses a free hand technique to write famous logos, from Star Wars to Google.



Amazing skills.

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Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson [Metal]

Awesome Video made by Andy Rehfeldt

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Q8 RV group interview [Arabic]

الفيديو هذا لقيته في يوتوب حق مقابلة قروب لهم هواية حلوة و هي حق اللي مقتنين الكرافانات و الصراحة وايد عجبني طريقة انهم يسوون تجمعات حق أصحاب الكرافانات و فعاليات للأطفال في جو عائلي حق القروب

حق اللي عنده كرافان روحو شوفي اذا تبون تدشون القروب, و شوف طريقتهم و تجمعاتهم.

انستقرام القروب. <هنا>

موقع القروب.<هنا>

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Never underestimate the beauty of a cactus

A montage of a dozen types of Echinopsis cactus flowers blooming. And wilting. And just generally showing off their mind-blowing colors.

Vimeo link

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did you know you can do this ?

Well, now you know

Science is awesome.

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Hodor vs Groot Rap Battle

I kinda saw this coming, but why the hell not.


Rap Battles are kinda getting old, no ?

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HTC One M9 vs Apple iPhone 6

I think this is the most subjective comparison between the two giants.

I’ve always been Pro Android and a fan of HTC, but I won’t deny the power of the iPhone.

which do you prefer?


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Batman Stuff

because I’m a fan of Batman and my friends are fans of the Dark Knight, I get many videos sent to me, today I’ll share two with you.


1) Batman vs DarthVader:

this is a live action, fan-made short film.

I’ve only seen the “alternate Ending” but you can find the original [here]


2) Children of Batman – Batface:

AKA black metal batman, I know black metal isn’t for everyone (also this is NSFW and preferably for 18+ )

but the video is hilarious and the name is probably a play on children of bodom.


hope you enjoyed these videos and if you have any other batman stuff don’t hesitate to post ’em.

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One Punch Man anime series announced

One punch man was originally a webcomic made by a person called “One” and it was so successful that it was made into a stylized manga, and more recently its being made into an anime series by Madhouse, check out the first video they made to promote the anime, personally I wish there was more footage but I still love that they’re doing this, its an epic manga.

the manga is about a different kind of a superhero, a man that can win every fight he’s in with one punch, the comedy of the story and the fighting is really beautiful and I only read halfway through the manga and I absolutely enjoy how badass the main character “Saitama” is.

if you are interested in  reading the Manga you can find it [here]

or if you want the original made by ONE you can find it [here]


here’s all the information about the new anime series to air this October:

  1. Original Manga: Yuusuke Murata
  2. Director: Shingo Natsume (Space Dandy, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos)
  3. Series Composition: Tomohiro Suzuki (Tiger & Bunny, Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary)
  4. Character design: Chikashi Kubota (From the New World, Robotics;Notes)
  5. Animation production: MADHOUSE (Summer Wars, Hunter x Hunter)
  6. Cast: 



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memes in real life

thanks to this gentleman calle Eric Ho, you can now buy your favorite memes in physical form.

some examples follow:


(Heavy breathing Cat) buy here


(courage Wolf) buy Here


and my favorite (Yee) buy here

check out the store here for more of these awesome memes (there’s bane cat and Feels bad man Frog and much more), and if your favorite meme is not in the store you can email Eric Ho or contact him on his Twitter (here).

if you have no idea what these are you can check them out on KnowYourMeme.com 

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Primordial – Eye Candy

Video Description from the creators:


The core of a dark planetoid hosts a primordial soup of microscopic life. Within the neural pathways of these organic compounds, intelligence is born from the primitive drive for survival. Each stage of Primordial has been designed and animated by separate artists and sequentially stitched together as one evolving timeline.


Turn off the lights and put on headphones, click on HD and play this video, such an amazing video.

Primordial from PeterClark on Vimeo.


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Emoji Particle Tests

found this video on Vimeo.

this is a beautiful 3D render of a bunch of emoji icons, I guess its a physics test or something.

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Review: Inateck Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BTSP-10P)

I don’t really use Bluetooth speakers or docking things for listening to music, but then I saw this really cheap speaker online and I decided to get it.


1) Design

the Inateck Bluetooth speaker is a really good looking speaker, it comes in a black/red color pattern with a soft rubbery matte finish, the look and feel of the speaker is great and I really loved the design as far as the first impression.

the only bad thing I could say about the device is that it can get dirt on it a bit easily and also attracts a bit of fingerprints, it weighs a little bit more than what you’d expect from a tiny set of speakers.


you can expect to get a little dirt on it if you use it outdoors



2) Sound Performance

like I said earlier I don’t have much experience with the portable bluetooth speakers, I have tried the UE Boom before but the UE Boom is a much bigger and way more expensive speaker, honestly I think the Inateck does a great job and is super loud, its really clear as well.

the weakness in the Inateck BTSP-10P is that the base is weak, and the surround is limited due to the unit’s small size.




3) Battery Life

I only used the speakers for about a week and I had to charge it twice, the battery is announced to be 15hours but with my use its more like 13 or maybe even less if you keep it on high volume, generally I’m really happy with the battery life and it charges relatively fast.


Final thoughts

the Inateck BTSP-10P is a great pair of speakers, the small size, the battery life and the nice sound quality makes you wonder why this speaker is only $50, I would recommend it for anyone who needs small powerful portable speakers with a cheap price.

personally I bought it because I loved the design and I wasn’t expecting much but after I got it I was blown away by the quality, and I would like to add one more thing, its really easy to sync to and there aren’t any complicated settings or buttons on the device.

  • check it out on amazon [Here]
  • or go to their site [Here]
  • and also you can watch the video that made me buy it [Here]
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Wrestling isn’t Wrestling

I’m not a fan pf wrestling, not by a long shot.

but Max Landis made this video, his great story telling and the fun well made video is really cool.

it’s full of celebrity cameos and is fun to watch.

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Internet reaction to the new Apple Macbook

so the new Macbook reactions have been blowing up online,

companies like Lenovo, Dell and Asus have their own responses on the competition but one thing really caught my attention,

a meme that has been circulating the internet for about a year now.

“el Risitas” interview was made into an “Apple Engineer” interview.


while hilarious as always, this video reminds me of the hitler meme that was parodied in everything,

but guess what? there’s a “Hitler reacts no new Macbook” video [Here].

  • for more info on the El risita guy click [Here]
  • for my Impression on the new Mackbook read this post [Here]
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DuckTales intro IRL

this is the cutest thing EVER!

here’s the video:

and the Side by side comparison with the original:



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The new MacBook – 2015

The news were all over the web on the new MacBook announcement.

but after watching tons of video and reading around online (note: I’m not a fan of Apple) I have a conflicted opinion on the new MacBook, there are many aspects of this device which I like, but it seems its in a weird place among gadgets in the market.

1) Design & Size:

the Size of the MacBook is kinda small, but its bigger than most (if not all) tablets on the market, but its a direct competitor to devices like the Surface Pro 3 and the 12 inch Dell XPS.

of course the MacBook excels in  being the thinnest of all its competitors and its even 3mm thinner than the Air, another thing Apple users might not like about the design is that the logo won’t light up, I suppose due to thinness of the device, Its not really a big deal, is it ?

Dat Gold though!


2) performance:

the MacBook has a gorgeous 12 inch retina display, with a high resolution, great colors and a weird 16:10 ratio, not many laptops come with something this good, not at 12 inch at least, the battery life is said to last up to 10 hours, which is great even if it was 8  or 6 on heavy use, its impressive, I’m not happy about the lack of ports, but it has its pros and cons (mostly making Apple tons of $$$ on extensions).

including cool butterfly keys and clickless innovative track pad

on the other hand everything else about the new MacBook outright sucks, its made for browsing, basic office work and media consumption, you cannot expect to do video editing or gaming on this machine because of its tiny chipset and low powered processor, but as a plus the hardware makes the device really thin and doesn’t need special ventilation to cool down, which makes me compare it to some tablets and maybe a couple ultrabooks that use passive cooling rather than air cooling.


3) Price:

HOLY SHIT! I’d rather buy an actual laptop with the price of this thing.

Yes I know its Apple, and its technically an ultrabook (more like a glorified NetBook).

but hell to the No.

this small skinny gadget starts at $1299 (380KD)… NOPE.

I thought the Surface Pro 3 was expensive, but at least the surface has a much more powerful processor and a touchscreen which may justify the price, the MAIN problem I have about this laptop is what segment of the market would buy something small and very light weight, but bigger and heavier than an iPad. that behaves and is used like any Apple laptop but with really low performance and a high price.

I like the technologies that they put into making this Ultrabook really thin, I would even get one if I could get it at a reasonable price, but knowing apple, this will never Happen…

and now with the rant about the shitty 480p Camera,

which is the main reason I started this post lol.

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Geico Unskippable Ads

these are truly creative ads by car insurance company Geico.


1) Elevator:




that was kinda Awkward to watch lol.

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