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TSF Launcher – Android Launcher

TweetSo today I want to share with you this amazing Android Launcher, I have always loved launchers ever since I got my first Android back in 2010. and I’ve always been experimenting with the customization that you can do to

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M1ONE T-Shirts

Tweet The idea of making a t-shirt that is new in every aspect has started in 2002. Its not just an ordinary T-shirt, rather it is an artistic painting that you enjoylooking at, with amazing colours and high quality details.

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Over Doing it / My PC updates

Tweetthis month i’m planning to do a few upgrades to my PC: SSD for Storage (Vertex III)  – didn’t install yet 3D LCD Screen from Samsung (SA950) – i didn’t buy it yet, but i’m looking new Speaker sound System

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Monty Oum’s Dead Fantasy (30+ minuts of videos)

TweetMonty Oum is a Korean 3D artist Genius, he made many non-profit 3d short videos featuring some characters from well known titles (such as Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Metroid and Halo).   a 3D video made by Monty Oum

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