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Crashing LEVEL 80

Tweethow to do this without apparent damage to your car ?

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Most Expensive Car Crash Ever

TweetApparently this happened.. At least eight Ferraris, two Mercedes, and a Lamborghini were among 14 cars involved in this accident. more info [here] Source [TheDailyWhat]

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Accident Miracle

TweetFeels like a scene from Final Destination.

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Weird Accident Is weird

Tweetwow, some say its not real but I believe this is real because it happened to one of my friends, in kuwait.. for real

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Double Fail.

TweetThis guy is epic watch his moves… also i bet this is the same guy well no its not him but I figure the person driving was either drunk or watching that video while driving.

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Insane speed bike crash…

Tweet The biker’s name is Tristan Lentink. Apparently his engine wasn’t working properly/his bike stalled so he was going slow. Tristan was found with two broken legs, broken pelvis in front and back, torn muscles and severed tendons in his

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