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Smart commercial

Tweetواحنا مستانسين على يطيح ولا مايطيح

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Dollar Shave Club

Tweetfunny commercial, and the product is real here Edit (Mephisto):  this is a business that ships you a package of shaving razor blades, starting at 1$ subscription per month, and that includes shipping. i totally love the ad too, its amazing. visit

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Smartest Thief on Earth

Tweetit’s a commercial, but indeed very creative. MUST SEE

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Awesome ad is Awesome

Tweetthis guy is trying to sell a 2000 Toyota Corolla, and damn he’s good 😛 Guess what my Favorite part was? XD

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Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape (Lame)

Tweet Whats dumber than a company trying to make a viral video غصب ? the answer is “Smart Water”, also “double rainbow guy” should stop milking the SH*t out of youtube, and instead loose some weight.

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in the near future, everything will be touchscreen

Tweeti wanted to name this post “If apple Ruled the world” but their logo is not on everyones forehead.. Note: Corning is the company that made Gorilla Glass, i love them but this is going too far also notice at

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this Ad Kicks Ass (Lurpak Kitchen Odyssey)

Tweetrecommended in HD.. im so gonna go and eat a stick of butter, just because this Ad is so Awesome!!

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Sony Bravia has Balls, A LOT of them

Tweetthis is an Ad for sony Bravia, its fun to watch in 720p HD for the making and spoofs,

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guess whose voice over is this?

Tweeti’m talking about the voice at the end of the video.. heres a hint

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Creepy Ad for Halloween

Tweet the thing is, it’s really creepy while its supposed to be funny

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Video of the week

Tweet i almost cried when i saw this

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A Big Ad

Tweet ترى بدون كحول 😛

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Video of the Week


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Thats Seems About right

Tweet Atleast they’re honest, milking Shitty Games FTW!!

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