I want this game

I’ve come across this game a lot on the internet (its on Steam for PC);

its being reviewed all over the place, and people are crazy about it,

so I saw the trailer (I recommend 720p):


this blew my mind, the idea of the game is a new thing in gaming, you walk around this abandoned island, listening and “collecting” bits of the story, you finish the game by listening to the whole story and living this “walk” on the island .

there is no life or health, there are no items or weapons, there’s no way to lose the game, you just play as a person that collects a story,  and its a very short game by the way, about an hour long.

here’s a review of this game from [TheEscapist]


I will buy, download and play this game by the weekend, I highly recommend having this really special kind of game in your experience as a gamer, or even if you’re not, it’s worth checking out.