Android Games – Gravity Project & Epic Raiders

It’s been a while since I posted any games on Android, I don’t play that much. anyway here are 2 games I liked

the 1st is very similar to the classic Pepsi Man om PS1. It’s called Gravity Project 


The other is very similar to one of my favorite games on Android  BattleHeart an awesome action RPG called Epic Raiders 

P.S: use your browser here to install them. Just log in with your Google Account (Gmail) then you can install apps using the browser, very fast and handy .

All you need to know about Android’s Jellybean 4.1

ArDroid did an amazing detailed post about the new ver. of Android I advice everyone to check it out.

Personally I liked how Google is trying to optimize what they did in Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. The previous update was pretty major and huge, this one is more of an upgrade. making it faster, more friendly, and smooth. Adding new features like offline voice typing, Google now search, widgets enhancement , a more accessible notification bar, and a better camera experience.

The update gonna be release to Nexus phones in July. I’m waiting for the ROM for the SIII :P

for more click here

App Nerder Kuwait, Seminar


App Nerder is a community network in Kuwait, were it education a group of beginners and advanced developers in Kuwait for app development in iOS, Android and Blackberry.


It will kick-off as the first seminar – summer camp from 09-10-11 July 2012 in Palm Hotel. The seminar will cost 100KD/per person also it covers three days of training and workshops. The seminar will be handled by two expert developers from Malaysia.


Registration is available for all ages, visit our website to sign-up.
More information, follow us at @edgeskw

New Star Soccer: Android Game


A very addictive game. You pick up a young soccer player and level him up in small clubs. As the matches come you must always impress the fans, teammates, and your boss to gain stars (money) which can buys you new boots, makes you get new skill points, and if you’re lucky a girlfriend u.u

I highly recommend the game. It’s also available in iOS. Google Play Link


CES: Asus 7-inch Tablet Quad-Core for $250

ASUS 7″ Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. This 7″ slate is aimed at the budget crowd but in no way, shape, or form a budget device. All those 3rd party tablets lacking Android Market support wont have anything on this — for now.


ASUS has bundled a 1280 x 800 resolution 7″ slate with the quad-core Tegra 3 and 4.0 ICS. What’s better than that? The Price! $250  this tablet hit the shelves in early Q2 2012

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Kuwait Guide – Android App

@Ahmedec0 in twitter gave me this Android app, looks helpful. Seems like it’s sponsored by wataneya

The Kuwait Guide features a complete and up to date round up of the best to eat, see and do in Kuwait. While most city guides are catered mainly to tourists, the Urban Moon Kuwait Guide is also every local’s indispensable tool.

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Kyobo Colored E-Reader

They did this just as I bought a Kindle T_T

This week Qualcomm and Kyobo Book Centre, Korea’s largest seller of books, announced the world’s first e-reader to include Mirasol display technology. The main appeal of the Kyobo e-reader is its long battery life, promised to allow for “weeks of reading under typical usage.”

Mirasol provides the clear advantage in user experience because it supports vibrant color and video. Clarence Chui, SVP and GM of QMT said, “Kyobo’s customers will be the first to enjoy the exceptional color e-reader experience and long battery life that only mirasol displays can provide.”

Highights of the Kyobo e-reader include:

5.7” XGA format (1024 x 768 pixels) mirasol display (screen resolution of 223 ppi)
1.0 GHz Snapdragon S2 processor
Kyobo’s custom application interface runs on top of Android 2.3

price is $310

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OnTheFly: Android

OnTheFly is an Android App much like Google search is, this app is for Flight Search. As people search each airways site separately, OnTheFly is one place you can compare prices with integrated calender. I tried it myself, very very handy and easy to manage.

here’s the QR of the app


Quad-Core processor for mobile phones


This is getting ridiculous.Nvidia gonna release this processor this year.
Does this mean by end of 2012, smart phones will run Uncharted 3 ? And by 2013 they’ll have jetpacks ? does this threaten the videogame consoles ? Smart phones & Tablets are getting updated on hardware and software on annual basis. On the other hand, consoles like ps3/xbox360 only get software updates which don’t do much in terms of graphics.

The console lifespan is like what ? 5-6 years ? The smart phones/tablets are getting more powerful every quarter of a year . Imagine a company like Blizzard releasing an MMO on the mobile market ?

Do you think the gaming community is shifting towards the mobile market more than the console ?

Augmented Reality

This is a new technology being developed for the new smart phones. Now, Qualcomm is implementing this technology in Android smartPhones. Long story short, check this video.

I remember a game on PS3 called Eye of Judgement which had the same principal; seeing the same thing on a smart phone is pretty impressive.

Also, if you are familiar with an App–Android– called Layer which lets you take pics of a certain place then you put a layer of information about this place.