Tiger & Bunny

This anime is just awesome. Really loved the idea. Tiger and Bunny are 2 superheroes who star in a reality TV show about superheroes and their adventures


Filled with action, unique characters and a solid animation. If you like supernatural / robot anime; I highly recommend this one.

Kuroku No Basket: anime


I’m not into anime about sports, they always tend to be long, exhaustively long; but Kuroku No Basket is only 25 eps about Kuroku a highschool Jr. Who plays basketball in a weird way. I highly recommend this anime, very thrilling. I think I’ll read the Manga to continue the story.

Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online (SAO) is a new anime. I really liked the concept about a guy enters an MMORPG virtually. He puts a helmet hooked up in PC and he’s there playing in a virtual world. I don’t wanna spoil anything considering the plot ans events. The 1St EP is out, check it out. According to aniDB it’s gonna run for 25 eps

4 of my favorite Mecha

I don’t watch a lot of Mecha anime,

but I know a little bit of them, so I decided I would share with you my top 4 Mechs:


#4 – Grendizer: 

غريندازر : بطل فليت


Mech Type:  Super Robot

Year Created: 1975

From: UFO Robo Grendizer (Anime – Go Nagai )

Why i like him: 

this guy is the only Super Robot on the list, and although I do like other super robots like Combatler V and Jongar (Astro Ganga) but Grendizer still remains my favorite, I Know I ignored Mazinger and his friends, but thats only because I never watched them when I was a kid.

not to mention Grendizer is somehow the most remembered by people in Kuwait, even older people who don’t usually watch anime still remember watching Grendizer, and they love it.



#3 – Escaflowne

He transforms into a Dragon too

Mech Type: Guymelef

Year Created: 1996

From: The Vision of Escaflowne (Anime)

Why i like him: 

Escaflowne is the first Anime series that I ever watched, and it’s very special to me although it not a robot in a sense, its part mechanical and part magic, it uses a heart of a dragon as power and its kind of like a suit, not too big, using mainly a sword and it was made by an ancient civilization.

the anime itself was very interesting and it is the reason I like Escaflowne, and i generally love the designs of all the other guymelefs.

#2 – Gundam 

the RX78-2 "Gundam" A.k.a the white mobile suit


Mech Type: Mobile Suit

Year Created: 1979

From: Mobile Suit Gundam (Anime/Video Games)

Why i like him:

I got introduced to Gundam through games, and I only saw the original series from 1979, I completely fell in love with the original because he is the Robot that started the whole Gundam franchise over 30 years ago, in fact one of my dreams is visiting the real life Gundam that was made and is now in Odaiba Japan.

both the design and story of Gundam are appealing to me, I love the basic design and weapons of Gundam, at the same time the story of an underage piloting a Gundam and going through a whole adventure was great, and it was successful and it spawned a whole franchise of series, manga, video games and figures.


#1 – Jehuty

this is jehuty Ver.1


Mech Type: Orbital Frame

Year Created: 2001

From: Zone of Enders (Video Game – Konami by Kojima)

Why i like him: 

Jehuty is an exquisite design of a robot, I bought this game because it had Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo, and I totally forgot about metal gear, anyway I was hesitating if he is better than gundam or not, but what made me decide he’s #1 is because he’s a futuristic design and  is about the coolest thing I’ve seen.


I’m interested to know what Mechs/Robots you guys like;

please share with me your favorite Mechs and why you like them.

Berserk Movie Gets a Release Date

The good news the release date is revealed, the bad it’s January 2012, In Japan that is.

This means I’ll have to wait til the end of 2012 to get the BluRay.

here’s the Full news from ANN:

This year’s 14th volume of Hakusensha‘s Young Animal magazine is announcing this week that the Berserk anime film will open throughout Japan next January. It also confirms that Toshiyuki Kubooka (Batman: Gotham Knight episode 5) is directing at Studio 4°CWarner Brothers Japan is distributing.

The official website for the film will open on July 15. Some theaters will be showing a teaser trailer, and Good Smile Company will make a figure which will be unveiled at this summer’s Wonder Festival. A Berserk clear file (not sure what’s this)  comes with this week’s Young Animal issue.


Animes of Fall 2010

Every now and then I post a pic. about the upcoming animes. It’s been a year since I last was interested in any. I think the only Anime which I watched from last year was FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

click to enlarge.

It’s a shame that Beelzebub and Toriko didn’t make it this Fall as the rumors said they will.

I’m gonna check out:

  • deadman wonderland << manga was good
  • bakuman
  • Tagainu no chi

Now i’m gonna watch the 1st two episodes of High School of the Dead.