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Vent app – Android and iOS venting

Tweet in using social media we all occaisionaly go to vent and express ourselves, or at least we all have this person that seems to vent a lot on their twitter or snapchat (etc), at first I thought this app/social network

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Talking Carl Screaming fight

Tweetnever thought of doing this, and the result was really hilarious 😛

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Calonote – a local calorie counter app

Tweethey guys, we were approach by a local app creator, and i you could check out this app, and give me your opinion: هل ترغب ببدأ حمية غذائية ولكنك تخشى من حرمانك من المأكولات المحببه لديك؟ هل تحلم بجسم رشيق

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µTorrent Remote: Android app

TweetThis a very helpful app if you use torrent, who doesn’t?, it allows you to access your utorrent program using wifi/3G to manage your downloads (from your Android phone) start, or stop them. for the Android Market link. [Here]

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An App for That


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