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HTC One M9 vs Apple iPhone 6

TweetI think this is the most subjective comparison between the two giants. I’ve always been Pro Android and a fan of HTC, but I won’t deny the power of the iPhone. which do you prefer?  

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The new MacBook – 2015

TweetThe news were all over the web on the new MacBook announcement. but after watching tons of video and reading around online (note: I’m not a fan of Apple) I have a conflicted opinion on the new MacBook, there are

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Comparison between All iPhones

Tweetthis is really nice, someone do a Nexus version of this please.

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Waiting for the Gold (iPhone 5S)

Tweet this is a short documentary on the events of last week, the launch of the iPhone 5S     I’m not personally a big fan of iPhone, or waiting but the same kind of lines and camping behavior can

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Evolution of Corprate Logos


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TIZEN – Samsung/Intel OS

Tweet   this is not really news, information on this OS has been floating around the internet for months now (and most sources here are from 2011), but I decided to look at this OS that is a probable threat to

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Samsung vs. Apple

TweetConan tells the true story

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If they Were Honest

Tweet comic by the DogHouse

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Ruining the iPad 3

Tweetusing the Light and Lazers, Epic: I Hate Apple so it works well for me 😛

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It’s a Whale

TweetiPhone owner gets bored, LOL    someone also made This

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iPad head girl

Tweetoh great, now Apple is ruining women… seriously what’s the point of this ?

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Nerdiest Protest Ever


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sesame street, there’s an app for that

Tweetsteve jobs must be so proud 😛  

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Apple Product


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The Stupidity of Apple

TweetThey announced new MP3 players, whatever. The stupid thing is in this picture. There is so much wrong. I don’t wanna waste my time on this. Steve needs some serious Trolling. And the Apple “BRAINWASHED” fans are saying: yeah it’s the best

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