Waiting for the Gold (iPhone 5S)


this is a short documentary on the events of last week,
the launch of the iPhone 5S



I’m not personally a big fan of iPhone, or waiting but the same kind of lines and camping behavior can be seen in video game launches.
I find it ironic that the people in line waiting for up to two are actually the most impatient people, they all wanted to get their iPhone first.
so what do you guys think? is it worth to wait for gold?

TIZEN – Samsung/Intel OS



this is not really news, information on this OS has been floating around the internet for months now (and most sources here are from 2011), but I decided to look at this OS that is a probable threat to Android, Android has been doing well and the past few years it has great market penetration, so what is TIZEN and what are the chances it will compete with Android ? also where will that put iOS ?


What is TIZEN?

this OS is a development collaboration between Intel and Samsung developers, powered by Linux Mobile (LiMo) and Linux foundations, Its very close to systems like the MeeGo (formerly MaeMO which I loved on my Nokia N900) and Android however it will be working on issues that Android have regarding copyright (and Copyleft) because Android is an open source OS that has some copyrighted elements; this means its not 100% open source or something.


the Nokia N900

others who are involved in the project:

  • Panasonic
  • NEC Casio
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • SK Telecom
  • Telefonica
  • Vodafone
  • Orange


So who are the competitors for TIZEN? 

other than Android there are many competitors, Windows 8, iOS , BB 10 and many other OS’ are out there, the competition is fierce however after reading I realized that the Linux MeeGo is probably the base for the Tizen system, so the relationship between the two is not a competitive one, but rather a son/father kind of relationship.


How will TIZEN effect the market ? 

this is only my opinion, as I am still reading on the subject and I don’t have the information or the ability to tell how will Tizen perform, but I think its a very big project, a lot of people are involved in it, and it will most likely have a few devices released running Tizen before the companies behind it can measure the performance and how the market will react to it (they are designing it to work on Smartphones, tablets, Car systems…etc) so even if say TIZEN is Successful, will it replace Android ? at least withing Samsung ? I don’t think it will, I really hope that Samsung runs TIZEN Along with Android, two parallel systems within the company, but then again I can dream.


Honestly the main reason I was interested in this OS is because I had read a bout it a long time ago and I used to think its a threat to Android, but now I’m interested in it because I owned and used Maemo (now known as MeeGo) with the Nokia N900 phone, it was a lot of fun and I think everyone should use an open system like that for once.

Read with me on the sources, there’s much to learn:

  • News Article [Here]
  • TIZEN Wiki Article [Here]
  • Tech Radar Article [Here]
  • Official TIZEN Site [Here]
  • SlashGear Article [Here]


I would love to read about any info you have on TIZEN or MeeGo, I would like to write more as I read more on the OS, I hope you find this interesting enough to see that open source software is getting more main stream, which I believe is a good thing.

The Stupidity of Apple

They announced new MP3 players, whatever. The stupid thing is in this picture.

There is so much wrong. I don’t wanna waste my time on this. Steve needs some serious Trolling. And the Apple “BRAINWASHED” fans are saying: yeah it’s the best gaming device ever. O.o


BTW Nintendo announced days ago that they sold about 132M DS :\ that’s Nintendo alone. Steve said the iOS devices sold more than 120M.

So, if I want a portable gaming device i’m gonna consider iphone/ipod touch over PSP/DS ???