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Amazing BMW X6 Paint job

Tweet German graffiti artist Rene Turrek recently applied a unique paint job on a BMX X6 “sports activity coupe” that reveals images of Marvel‘s Hulk when hot water is poured on it. It’s pretty wild how quickly the dark blue

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memes in real life

Tweetthanks to this gentleman calle Eric Ho, you can now buy your favorite memes in physical form. some examples follow: (Heavy breathing Cat) buy here (courage Wolf) buy Here and my favorite (Yee) buy here check out the store here for

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just an old desk with old desk stuff

TweetThis video will surprise you, at least twice source [Here]

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Myth Busters painting the Mona Lisa

Tweet this is the fastest painted Mona Lisa Ever made.   View full video [Here]

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An Art Called Code Bending

Tweetan Amazing way to manipulate the game into making a form of music and visual art by hacking the game, check it out:   super mario spacetime organ (illucia & soundplane) from paperkettle on Vimeo.

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Breaking Bad Fan Art by Scott Mitchell

Tweeta great piece of art, check out his site for more amazing stuff. [LINK]  

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Amazing Japanese music video

Tweetthis paper art and stop motion combination is a really unique idea for a music video, honestly no amount of words will do it justice.   I dunno how much paper was put into this, anyway the video is titled

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GAME OF THRONES Maps for Westeros and Essos


TweetPretty awesome illustrations

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Playground Heroes

flash_kid_by_andyfairhurst-d54g8tb (1)

Tweetthis is an amazing designs by AndyFairhurst loved the Bane one  

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I want this game

TweetI’ve come across this game a lot on the internet (its on Steam for PC); its being reviewed all over the place, and people are crazy about it, so I saw the trailer (I recommend 720p):   this blew my mind,

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Celebrities in Renaissance

Tweet this is an amazing collection of art that features modern celebrities, in classic renaissance style. you can find the whole collection [here] and the source of this post [UniBlog]

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Amazing Fast Painting

Tweetpretty awesome

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Harmless Weapons – Art by Kyle Bean

Tweet “Harmless Weapons,” Brighton-based designer Kyle Bean‘s latest photo series for a  CUT Magazine article on yarn bombing and guerrilla gardening. reblogged from [TheDailyWhat]

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Super Fast Spray Paint Artist


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Eye Candy – Life of Flowers

Tweeti love flowers and so i wanna share with you a timelapse video of several types of flowers blooming its really amazing and the music is great as well. سبحان الله

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The skull of Trismegistus – By Paul Alexander Thornton

Tweet  a few months ago i made a  Post  about Paul Alexander Thornton [Blog] i honestly fell in love with his art, so i contacted him, a ton of emails and a month later a package arrived     Paul is a

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Nasmith’s Game of Thrones Amazing illustrations

Tweet An illustration is a displayed visualization form presented as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art that is created to elucidate or dictate sensual information (such as a story, poem or newspaper article) by providing a visual representation graphically. Basically, It’s the work of bringing the imagination to

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Awesome Street Art of Portal

Tweetthis game gives inspiration to everyone, this is some great art

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Children’s drawings coming to life

Tweetthese paintings are done by some artist (still searching for his name) who takes drawings made by young children and remake them with his own skills. enjoy

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Micro Art – Willard Wigan

Tweet i have heard about this guy on the radio a few months ago on BBC world service (FM:100.1), i know it’s a bit strange but i remembered about him and i thought of looking him up, so naturally i

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