Google Maps 8-Bit, April Fools Joke is REAL

Tweetthis is one of the Reasons why i love Google. they made a “NES” version of Google Maps, btw if you don’t know what NES is or never had one, you never had a good childhood, or still going through

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Car Ballet

Tweetyeah, i never thought that I’d see this either shout out and Thanks to Bridget for the the tip 😉

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Gou Miyagi – Amazing Skater

TweetThis guy is really flexible, and has some interesting Skateboarding skills     i don’t think he skates as much as use the skateboard to show off his flexibility

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Supermario Beads – Stop motion

Tweetthis kind of video is amazing, i love Super mario and the stop motion just makes it look really awesome

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Awesome cups Trick

TweetI so wanna learn how to do this. wow!

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Dolph Lundgren Vs. Elvis

Tweet i dunno about you but i think Dolph is doing it better than Elvis, also if you don’t know who this guy is, you need to watch more Rocky movies or he’ll “Break You”

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