The Dark Knight Rises: Review

Today I watched Nolan‘s Batman Trilogy. I saw Begins & Dark Knight then went to the movies to see the 3rd and final chapter of this epic journey. The previous movies were brilliant. Begins was an amazing origin story, followed by one of my favorite movies ever The Dark Knight, which, witnessed the outstanding performance by Heath Ledger as Joker. The expectations were so high around The Dark Knight Rises. The chances of the peoples’ reception to meet the expectation was thin. Nolan said before that this gonna be his last Batman movie, unfortunately. The movie exceeded my expectations just like The Dark Knight.

I’ve always said that Nolan is the best director in the past 10 years. Now I’m saying his Batman Trilogy is my favorite trilogy. Yes a lot of people saying it’s The Godfather of our time, it is.

everything was outstanding in this movie. Brilliant cast, specially from Anne Hathaway (Catwoman) , Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Blake) and of course Tom Hardy (Bane) who kicked-ass with his physical performance, loved him. All the other actors did an awesome job. Bale for me is the 2nd best Batman after Michael Keaton, but definitely the best Bruce Wayne. I’m nostalgic to Keaton’s image as the dark crusader.

I can talk all night about how awesome was the direction, the OST by Zimmer, the cinematography, the special effects, and the action sequences.  Too bad Nolan won’t be doing anything related to DC Entertainment anymore, he’s the only guy doing a great job. this trilogy in it’s glory puts all the other superhero movies to shame.

PS: Christopher Nolan should be cloned



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Batman themed theatre

this is a concept design for a theatre room themed as the batman cave.

the chairs seen here are available for sale, but the decorations are probably not.

its cool anyway.


and one more pic :P

Oh yeah you know you want these,

also there’s a tumbler hidden behind the book case,

im serious go to their site and see it.


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The Dark Knight Returns: Trailer

I’ve always said that Frank Miller’s graphic novel Dark Knight Returns us the best story about Batman. I was eager to see this animated movie. What’s more awesome that’ll be 2 parts. This one will be released at the end of the year. The 2nd in early 2013. Now I hoped for a movie based on this comic, Clint Eastwood as Batman *-*


The Batmobile Documentary

on the San Diego Comic Con,

and in time with the new Batman movie “The Dark knight Rises”,

i present to you the trailer of this amazing documentary for the batmobile:



i would totally love to have been there,

on the other hand it sucks that the movie is not available

>_> Damn you, KNCC.

and on another note, its sad to hear the news from yesterday

on the shootings in the movie premier.

Trailer Source[Here]

EDIT: full documentary [Here