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Batman Stuff

Tweetbecause I’m a fan of Batman and my friends are fans of the Dark Knight, I get many videos sent to me, today I’ll share two with you.   1) Batman vs DarthVader: this is a live action, fan-made short

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Batman: Dead End

TweetThis short movie was released in ComicCon 2003, old yes. Watch the movie and be astonished, in a weird way

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The Dark Knight Rises: Review


TweetToday I watched Nolan‘s Batman Trilogy. I saw Begins & Dark Knight then went to the movies to see the 3rd and final chapter of this epic journey. The previous movies were brilliant. Begins was an amazing origin story, followed by one

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The Cost of being Batman


Tweet Keeping up with the Batman theme going on 😛 i found this nice infographic from MoneySuperMarket and its about the cost of Batman, so you know how rich Bruce Wayne is in REAL money terms. Click through for the full one

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Batman: Puppet Master fan-made Movie

TweetWow, those Batman fan-made movies are awesome.  

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Awesome Batman Trailer


TweetGet it? Get it ? this is the third Batman post in a row, i guess we should name the blog after this LOL. image from

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TweetAn Amazing stop-motion film inspired by Dark Knight, it’s silly at moments but very slick & efficient BATMAN : DARK KNIGHTFALL (HD full version) from Parabucks on Vimeo.

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Epic Dark knight inspired Leather mask


TweetThis mask is created by EpicLeather from Etsy in the UK [for 199.99] oh and theres also a full armor made of leather

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Batman themed theatre


Tweetthis is a concept design for a theatre room themed as the batman cave. the chairs seen here are available for sale, but the decorations are probably not. its cool anyway.   and one more pic 😛 Oh yeah you

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The Dark Knight Returns: Trailer

TweetI’ve always said that Frank Miller’s graphic novel Dark Knight Returns us the best story about Batman. I was eager to see this animated movie. What’s more awesome that’ll be 2 parts. This one will be released at the end

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Nightwing: Fan-Made Short movie

TweetInspired by Nolan’s Batman universe. good job

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The Batmobile Documentary

Tweeton the San Diego Comic Con, and in time with the new Batman movie “The Dark knight Rises”, i present to you the trailer of this amazing documentary for the batmobile:     i would totally love to have been

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Infographic – Everything Batman


Tweetthis is 70 years worth of batman stuff, click image for full size. Source: Blameitonthevoices

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$#!& just got real


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Heath Ledger with unfinished joker makeup

TweetMost of us were very skeptical about his role, he proved us wrong and we were happy about it, very happy. may he rest in peace.

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I’ll Just leave this Catwoman Picture here

Tweetthis is all over the internet, so i thought I’ll put it here too   oh catwoman, you so pretty ^-^

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Batman & Robin: The Musical

TweetArnold Schwarzenegger strikes again

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Super Cafe: BatPhone


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باتمان الكويت

Tweetاموت واعرف الجوكر شكله شلون

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Batman: Death Wish – a fan made short

Tweetthis is a very well made batman fan video i like how the acting was taking Batman seriously, even though i have seen better fan made costumes and fighting sequences. more info and videos [Here]

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