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This Kid is adorable – Viral Video

Tweetthis is a really cute kid and she seems articulate for her age “Go Drive” LOL, love her 😛

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Coolest Boat EVER

Tweetwait for it and see how cool this vehicle is. [Link] I totally didn’t see it coming.

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4-seconds pit stop

Tweetمايسوون لنا بنجر لول

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A Close Call

Tweetاتبط الجبد :\  

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Near Miss


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Car Jumps Rope

TweetYou have definitely seen kids do Jump rope before, you probably even did it yourself, and you probably seen animals jump rope too, bu have you ever seen a Car jump rope before?   Sure you have, and you’re welcome

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Japanese Method of Cooling your Car

TweetI’ve heard about this on Reddit i think i will try this tomorrow, especially if i park in the sun.   Thanks to Mr. Essa Ramadhan for putting a link to the following video:  

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Heres more Videos

TweetOf  kids sitting in cars listening to music, cute isnt it ? random dance okay this video is not as cute as i thought the kid looked like he was going deaf

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Double Fail.

TweetThis guy is epic watch his moves… also i bet this is the same guy well no its not him but I figure the person driving was either drunk or watching that video while driving.

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Video of the Week

TweetObi Wan Kanobi goes car shopping. WARNING: this video is full of LOLs, and starwars jokes. and wait for the surprise ending.

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