Ever wonder how cats always land on their feet ?

Destin from “Smarter Everyday” YouTube channel did this test,

he dropped a cat (named GiGi) and filmed her in slowmotion,

what he found out was amazing, check it out:


the best thing is that he will explain how the physics involved in flipping cats allow us to operate Space Telescopes (Seriously) in an upcoming video.

note: GiGi was not hurt while making this video.

Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

First game is Cat Cat Watermelon, in this game you balance

little kitties and watermelons and beach balls and all kinds of stuff,

its really challenging, and needs precision. :3

Click Link to play Game


Next we have a Game called “Death Penalty: Zombie Football”


- Click Image to play game -


i love the originality of this game, you play penalty kick with zombies and kill them

as a bonus you can try to score goals over their head, its challenging and needs

good timing and aim for the kicks, don’t let them reach you or they will bite you

Another cool thing in this game is that you can  choose your team

and when u earn score, u can increase power of the kick

and you can also customize your balls as you unlock them by playing.

on the other hand zombies get harder and tougher as you play

and new types of zombies will show up :P



Evil Woman!

See what this woman does to this cat..


Now I”m one of the people who actually likes animals but I’m guilty for lol’ing abit… I mean that was a straight up bitchy move.. the old lady was like oh hi cat how u doin… ima scratch your butt for you and then BOOM ninja attack right in the bin so i lol’d, thing is I’m used to opening trash cans in q8 and finding cats so i figured that cat pretty much got out but apparently the cat was stuck there for 15h which made me feel guilty for loling ;(.