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The Dark Knight Rises: Review

TweetToday I watched Nolan‘s Batman Trilogy. I saw Begins & Dark Knight then went to the movies to see the 3rd and final chapter of this epic journey. The previous movies were brilliant. Begins was an amazing origin story, followed by one

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Inception, Explained

Tweet Christopher Nolan’s Inception is a true masterpiece. Every aspect was just brilliant, even the debate surrounding the plot all the way to the end. All of us saw graphs, designs, boards try and explain what went in the dream. This site “Inception Explained”

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Dark Knight with Dragon Tattoo

Tweetamazing mash-up from Batman begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, makes me more and more hyped about the final chapter of this amazing franchise btw I saw it twice in a row

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[the films of] Christopher Nolan

Tweetby far he’s the best director in the last 10 years, and maybe the next

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Dumb & Dumber (Inception style)

TweetThis is an awesome trailer for Dumb & Dumber based on the movie Inception. Brilliant!

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Inception: Review

Tweet“What’s the most resilient parasite? An Idea” This is one of the most unique concepts since The Matrix.In fact it’s like watching The Matrix and Memento I was excited, very excited about the movie. I was blown away, Christopher Nolan is

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