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Super Mario Super Dance by Nathan J Barnatt

Tweetthis guy is an amazing dancer and he made a Super mario themed dance video that is just a joy to watch, wait for the princess peach part, really great work.  

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This kid can dance, THIS KID CAN DANCE [FIXED]

Tweetprofessional Hip Hop dancer baby and another video {LINK] Her Name is BGirl Terra and more of her dance videos are spreading on YouTube, Great talent

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Kick Boxing break

Tweetyou will NOT guess what will happen in this video.   LOL, Awesome.

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Mom Sleep walking

Tweetso this guy makes a video of his mom sleep walking,   the dance is hilarious, such a mom dance Hehehe, then he shows her the video, watch her reaction.   Epic LOLz and way to go mom. [Source]

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The Ross Siters

Tweetthis video will shock you, the dancing or if i should say aerobics are awesome, since this was 1944.   amazing ladies, but they’re not really sisters though.

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iRobot Dance

TweetDo you Robot ?

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Amazing Dance

TweetI don’t know how to describe this video, brilliant

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Little Girl challenges Hip hop dancer

Tweetshe’s soooo cute, and u can tell that she will grow up to be a dancer, maybe..

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فصلة Mortal Combat

Tweetin new york a group called Ri0t dresses up as Mortal combat characters adn they dance all over the place, its amazing and i kept staring at mileena or whatever her name was <_<  

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Granny Dubstep

Tweet94-year-old granny gets down to dubstep. a challenger to Granpa’ Shufflin? i don’t think so, but it’s nice to see old people enjoy Dubstep Source [TheDailyWhat]

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Eric Speed – Maniac

Tweetthis is an awesome music video reinterpretation it reminds me of the movie “Scott Pilgrim” a lot i love the effects, but some of the dancing wasnt all that

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this guy is on drugs, or just retarded

Tweeti dunno why is this guy doing this, i know the music being played might get you hyper but seriously man calm down LOL

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Funny remixes

TweetThis video is a bunch of Guys trying to look badass dancing to industrial music (The original) this is a Remix “Madonna – Vogue” LOL and of course, Nyan Cat Remix, i couldn’t Embed this so watch it [Here]

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My nightmares are coming True

Tweeti dreamt of something close to this earlier this week, it’s not the kind of dream i could share with you, its worse than this: imagine it without the music, now can YOU sleep ?

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Explaining Math with Folk Dance

Tweetso a group of college students are explaining an algorithm that sorts numbers, by dancing a folk hungarian dance, very interesting  idea

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الشرطة في خدمة الشعب

Tweet exactly like our police

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Let’s take a break of all these posts


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