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Baby ostriches are so cute

Tweetthis is a video of them dancing around, play your own cheerful music in the background and watch them go :3

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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Videos

TweetI would like to come out and say it, I love this girl, her dancing, her spirit of fun. I have come across the first video i will show you here earlier, and I’m not sure if I had posted it on

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Tutting, the new thing nowadays

Tweeta similar video of this “dance” style was featured on our blog earlier, apparently i found out its called tutting, here are two amazing Tutting videos. first is two asian guys (japanese?) that do really great Tutting   and then

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Another Version of Shuffling

TweetRemember the song “Party Rock” by LMFAO?   someone made a better version, of the shuffling part anyway

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Delusional Trailer

TweetThis is a trailer of a book that combines artists and galleries I dont care i loved the dancing teletubbies I’ve watched this like 5 times already :LOL

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This Girl has some SKILLS

Tweetthis is totally awesome and she’s kinda cute too

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Sword Dancing [Updated]

Tweetwhat is this? i can’t even…. actually it wasn’t that bad [UPDATE] It seems Kyle Frere, the man behind the popular viral clips, so impressed Diplo with his skills that the latter asked him to produce the video for “Original Don.” The Original

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Here’s something you’ve never seen before

Tweeta Picture of Gandhi dancing 😛 have a nice saturday ^-^

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Dubstep Dancing Parrot

Tweet Dancing DubStep

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Tweet list of things this video IS: creepy fail annoying Japanese list of things this video IS NOT: entertaining cute meaningful fun normal i just can’t stop watching this, WTF? صاروخ؟

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Video of the Week

Tweet Cute little Girl Dancing..

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Dancing Dog

Tweet this video has been ALL OVER TE PLACE, its been five days since it was put on Youtube and it reached 1million, so i put it here as well.

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