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Batman Stuff

Tweetbecause I’m a fan of Batman and my friends are fans of the Dark Knight, I get many videos sent to me, today I’ll share two with you.   1) Batman vs DarthVader: this is a live action, fan-made short

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Batman: Puppet Master fan-made Movie

TweetWow, those Batman fan-made movies are awesome.  

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Epic Dark knight inspired Leather mask

TweetThis mask is created by EpicLeather from Etsy in the UK [for 199.99] oh and theres also a full armor made of leather

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I’ll Just leave this Catwoman Picture here

Tweetthis is all over the internet, so i thought I’ll put it here too   oh catwoman, you so pretty ^-^

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Dark Knight with Dragon Tattoo

Tweetamazing mash-up from Batman begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, makes me more and more hyped about the final chapter of this amazing franchise btw I saw it twice in a row

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Batman: Interrogation

TweetI Lol’D

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