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Batman Stuff

Tweetbecause I’m a fan of Batman and my friends are fans of the Dark Knight, I get many videos sent to me, today I’ll share two with you.   1) Batman vs DarthVader: this is a live action, fan-made short

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Epic first person lightsaber fight

Tweetwith Darth Vader Vs Some Jedi by the stuntpeople Dark Side forever \m/  

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$#!& just got real


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Dark Vader Burger

TweetIt’s in France,and it’s real. George Lucas knows how to promote his oversold franchise. This will be sold in celebrating Star Wars I: the Phantom Menace in 3D :/ Seems like the buns are filled with artificial colors to make

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Darth Vader the Pope


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Meet Sariah Gallego, one of my favorite people recently

Tweetthe girl from a previous post video HERE, got an interview on how much of a nerd she was..

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