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Ramsey is the OMEN

TweetOMG O__O

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A true Internet story

TweetOMG, i have come across a few internet stories like this over the years, but none of which as interesting or even creepy like this one, this is an amazing video:   i would like to know your opinion, is

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Reaction to Steve Jobs Death

Tweet   a lot of people have been writing about how great Steve Jobs was, and i do agree with some of them, however for the people that feel we lost a genius and we owe all the innovations and

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Steve Jobs dies and goes to heaven

Tweetbrought to you by the Taiwanese news Channel NMA   i LOL’d on the part where he get’s checked into heaven with an iPad

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The Things that Kill people


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R.I.P. Leslie Neilsen

TweetMr. Nielson passed away yesterday afternoon at the age of 84, he was a great actor, a very funny comedian, and a nice guy over all, I think its a huge loss for all of us and to comedy as

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