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DuckTales intro IRL

Tweetthis is the cutest thing EVER! here’s the video: and the Side by side comparison with the original:   Source

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Historically accurate Disney princesses

Tweetthis is a cool video, an art and history project that shows what the most famous Disney princesses would look like if they were historically more accurate, base on what people looked like and wore back in the time and

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Best Rag Time Piano Player

TweetRag time is an old old type of music, and this guy at Disney park can play it real good. Such a delightful tune, and also Tons of skill. Amazing!

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Wreck-it Ralph: review

TweetYesterday I went to see Disney’s latest CGI movie Wreck-it Ralph. I’ve been excited about this movie like all the gamers out there. It’s fun, lots of it actually. I thought the potential of this movie would wasted. It didn’t.

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how Copyright laws work

Tweetthis is very interesting. but does anyone know how to protect you work? if i make a song or draw picture, how do i get copyright for it ?   on the other hand i learned about the concept of

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Full Metal Disney

TweetI Lol’D in a hysterical way

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