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M4SONIC and The DanceBox

Tweethere are two music videos I find interesting. first off is the DanceBox, a combo of dance and beatbox, this is a collaboration between two great artists, dancer Mike Song and KRNFX champion beatboxer.   and on the other hand, M4SONIC

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Cute Kittens in slow motion flying to Dubstep

Tweetwell the title says it all, Enjoy!   XD [Source]

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Tutting, the new thing nowadays

Tweeta similar video of this “dance” style was featured on our blog earlier, apparently i found out its called tutting, here are two amazing Tutting videos. first is two asian guys (japanese?) that do really great Tutting   and then

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How to dance to dubstep


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name 10 things that aren’t Skrillex

Tweetthe guys face is epic and it looks like a nice game LOL.   replace Skrillex with Dubstep and the game generally gets harder LOL  

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TweetThis is 15 minutes of the best Dubstep and its edited into Action movies, Awesome work  

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Fartstep – Dubstep with farts

Tweetafter so many lols, i realized this might be fake but you gotta love the effort 😛 but i like fart jokes so here u go

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Kramer Reaction to Dubstep

Tweetone of my friends had a similar reaction now he hates dubstep XD

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Granny Dubstep

Tweet94-year-old granny gets down to dubstep. a challenger to Granpa’ Shufflin? i don’t think so, but it’s nice to see old people enjoy Dubstep Source [TheDailyWhat]

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Live Dubstep – araabMUZIK

Tweetat first i was like: This is not Your usual Wub wub bullshit, I LOVE this performance, and the instrument, you might want to skip the middle part from 1:30 till  2:00 and the guys name is araabMUZIK, I’m gonna

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Pizza Tossing (with dubstep)

TweetHAHA, here we are again, another video with stuff and dubstep.     but seriously i love pizza, but i would never ask this guy to make me one, he takes too long to make them.

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Dubstep Truth

Tweetone essential part in any Dubstep song is the drop as this guy will show, anything you add right before it will always sound cool, given the timing and effect.. but to be honest Bacon Strips is cool no matter

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Smooth Dubstep, Smooth Dancer

TweetDubstep is Great, but this guy moves like no other, I’ve been seeing this video around the Kuwaiti Blogs recently, but now i found his new video, i never thought someone can move like this the guy is known as

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Live Dubstep

TweetDubStep is getting popular, I’ve been hearing it all the time here. And this video ROCKS

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Too much DubStep!

Tweet   online i have come across the music style known as Dubstep , many of our Posts have this kind of music, so i decided to lurk some dubstep yesterday, and i found some great stuff, but first of all lets start

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Random Dubstep Step Guy

TweetThis is so awesome, i can’t listen to dub step without doing this myself 😛 LOL, and weird and Cool. Edit: Apparently this guy has been doing this for a long time, theres tons of videos on his channel

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Dub FX: Loopy2, iPhone App [Updated]

TweetThis genre [DubStep] is becoming very popular and gaining recognition all around the world, specially Europe. A while back Mephisto posted about it. So, Dub FX is introducing an iPhone App (Loop2) and doing Dubstep music. check it out loopyapp

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Meme Revival – Badger Badger Badger song

TweetSo apparently “weebl”(real name:Jonti Picking) the creator of the Original Badger Song Decided to make a new Dubstep Version, and according to KnowYourMeme the original song was back in 2003   it might not be as addictive as the original, but it’s

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Dubstep Dancing Parrot

Tweet Dancing DubStep

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