M4SONIC and The DanceBox

here are two music videos I find interesting.

first off is the DanceBox, a combo of dance and beatbox,

this is a collaboration between two great artists,

dancer Mike Song and KRNFX champion beatboxer.


and on the other hand,

M4SONIC became my hero after watching him play with two Novation Launchpads his work is really magic and the music is soo good, I fell in love and subscribed to his YouTube channel Immediately.


Enjoy your Weekend :3

Tutting, the new thing nowadays

a similar video of this “dance” style was featured on our blog earlier,

apparently i found out its called tutting,

here are two amazing Tutting videos.

first is two asian guys (japanese?) that do really great Tutting


and then you have “Indian Dubstep”


i think they are a bit silly but its fun to watch.

my theory is that “Mr.Wiggles” one of my fav. hip hop dancers invented this,

it the first time I was ever introduced to his “King Tut” routine*.

I’m still looking around on where this form of dance came from.
(starts halfway through the video)


(*: King Tut as in King Tut Ankh Amon, the Egyptian King)

Smooth Dubstep, Smooth Dancer

Dubstep is Great, but this guy moves like no other,

I’ve been seeing this video around the Kuwaiti Blogs recently,

but now i found his new video,

i never thought someone can move like this

the guy is known as iGLIDE, and he sure does.

he worked with a guy called Marquese “Nonstop” Scott

and they established the REMOTEKONTROL group,

you can check out their site for similar performances [REMOTEKONTROL]