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Coolest Boat EVER

Tweetwait for it and see how cool this vehicle is. [Link] I totally didn’t see it coming.

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Animal Impressions

Tweetthis asian guy is pretty good at animals sounds, check it out: this is a list of animals he’s done: Dog Hurt dog rooster Chicken Female Goat Male Goat Baby Goat Cow Crow Mountain Crow Horse Horse cart Dog begging

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Epic Janitor doing Broom Tricks

Tweetwell actually he’s not a janitor but he has Amazing broom skills.   reminds me of StarWars kid, but level 80 😛

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EPIC: Trailer

TweetIt will be released May next year :-\  

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Conceptual Juggling

TweetHaven’t seen a good juggling video in a long time, this is really really good.   [Source]

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Epic Mega Forklift Coin Drop Trick

Tweetusing a MEGA forklift   this guy is REALLY accurate. i want him to play this game, see if he can win some 😛  

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Awesome “Walking Dead” Trailer

Tweetwatch this season 2 Trailer to the end, it starts lame then becomes awesome, then lame then REALLY FUCKING AWESOME. the Audience did see it coming, neither did I. Amazing.

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I didn’t see that coming

Tweetawesome video LOL watch this till the end, its CRAZY

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Kids Roll Huge Tire off a cliff

Tweetthis is SOO epic

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Epic Puzzle Box

Tweetthis guy made this Special Puzzle box for his girlfriend check out the steps of how to open it. he designed and built it, amazing stuff

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Buckethead Family

Tweetwhen i saw this image today I LOL’d and it immediately reminded me of bucket head Read more about Buckethead

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Epic meal time + Barely political

TweetNotice: Explicit language, also the content ( the food ) is not suitable for people with heart disease 

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Epic Goat!

TweetEpic goat is epic loool. I loved his beard :O!

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