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Google Glasses Concept, and Parodies.

TweetThis is the latest Google thing online a Few days ago the following video went viral   its a nice concept idea from Google, but then many parodies started appearing, like Google Ads:   And Windows Glasses for augmented reality:

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Reptiles and Fake Insects

TweetSo last week the following video spread all over the Internet. Pretty cute making fun of the litttle bearded lizard. someone else tried it with their bull frog. you DON’T MESS with a bull frog

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Hidden Message

Tweetfor our readers Hint: don’t do it

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Special song “My Heart will go wr(on)g”

TweetThis epic fail = epic lols have Good day, LOL

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Can-head Snake

TweetEpic Fail Snake, view previous post for obvious similaritites But seriously, how can someone help this snake without hurting it or getting hurt

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Was that it?

Tweetthat’s what she said.  

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Planking Fail

TweetThis lady tries to plank the Kitchen but the stove fought back because planking is stupid

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I’m a Bird!


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محد شاف, محد شاف كمل

Tweet Lip syncing Epic Fail 7adda XD

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Slip ‘N Slide ‘N Miss

Tweetthe monkey scream made me lol, by Bits and Pieces

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u want me to put the boat in water?

Tweet“sure” he said “u want me to load tank on the truck? sure”

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Cute, Win or Fail?

Tweetthis video is from the cwf channel (if u didnt get that i meant cute win and fail) which is made by a couple youtubers which i think the main guy who came up with the idea was phillyD, anyways

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What a Dilemma !

TweetToday while heading back home from work, i stopped infront of a traffic light in Salmiya. at first I didn’t realize why I stopped cause i was  in auto-pilot mode but then after a few seconds I was like WTF

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Double Fail.

TweetThis guy is epic watch his moves… also i bet this is the same guy well no its not him but I figure the person driving was either drunk or watching that video while driving.

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Coconut Breaking Art


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amazing goal

Tweetlol this is why we dont get excited when we score cause people are evil >=O although they deserved it :p

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Avenues Accident

TweetAl-Taxi Al-6a’er XD

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Epic Pwn

TweetI Don’t care if this is fake but this is by far the best strategy to stop a bully

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Sports Fail.

TweetSince its world cup time im guessing you’ll see a lot of stuff about Football, heres the latest fail in the world cup world < — see what i did there?

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