Cute, Win or Fail?

this video is from the cwf channel (if u didnt get that i meant cute win and fail) which is made by a couple youtubers which i think the main guy who came up with the idea was phillyD, anyways imo its a rip off from rwj show to show you that rwj show is pretty much easy but the difference is which i respect DeFranco for is that his vids are his they get license to those vids :o :p heres an example

and then basically they put the 3 of em in a vid 1 under each category and voters decide who the winner is.
heres the channel if your interested

epic youtube page

What a Dilemma !

Today while heading back home from work, i stopped infront of a traffic light in Salmiya. at first I didn’t realize why I stopped cause i was  in auto-pilot mode but then after a few seconds I was like WTF is this !??

yes ! as you can see the traffic light had both the red AND the green lights on. what an Epic FAIL!

Sports Fail.

Since its world cup time im guessing you’ll see a lot of stuff about Football, heres the latest fail in the world cup world < -- see what i did there?

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