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Sonic the hedgehog fan-made movie

Tweetthis an awesome 20-min movie on the Sega mascot

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Justice League: Fan-Made trailer

TweetI hope Christopher Nolan, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. watched this

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Game of Thrones – the Fighting Game

TweetReblogged from (TR Blog): this is NOT a real screenshot of a fighting game based on GoT characters, the game sadly doesn’t exist, but its cool.

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Batman: Death Wish – a fan made short

Tweetthis is a very well made batman fan video i like how the acting was taking Batman seriously, even though i have seen better fan made costumes and fighting sequences. more info and videos [Here]

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Mike Bison – The Documentary

Tweetthis is an amazing video on Mike Bison A.K.A. Balrog, it’s a mock documentary on the life and story behind the boxer character in Street fighter 2 i have to say that this is the best quality fan made video

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Plot Device

TweetA young filmmaker obtains a mysterious device that unleashes the full force of cinema on his front lawn. Highly recommended. Watch it in HD Plot Device from Red Giant on Vimeo.

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Streets of Rage REMAKE

TweetDo you remember this awesome Sega Genesis Game “Streets of Rage” (Bare Knuckle)? a group of fans called BomberGames have been working on a remake for the last 8 years and FINALLY… it has just been released. I recommend any

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short TMNT film called “Fight the foot”

Tweetthis is a fan made short movie, made to look a bit realistic a bit because the teenage mutant ninja turtles have nothing to do with reality, however its an awesome video, you might wanna keep an eye out over

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