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Epic first person lightsaber fight

Tweetwith Darth Vader Vs Some Jedi by the stuntpeople Dark Side forever \m/  

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SubWars, a short film by Sean Soong

TweetThis is an amazing Starwars inspired aninmated short, its about an old man looking for a seat, yet no one is giving him space, so he basically kills everybody on the Subway. with a light saber.   I would love

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Man Attacked by Goose

TweetMan fights back, its like a Kung Fu Movie full of LOLz   Epic part when the goose charges at him. XD

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Animal Fight!

Tweetlook at what the crows do to the cat! I guess the cat picked color in favor of species :p *oooo racism*

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The Toughest Opponent

Tweet There is also a t-shirt. See the source

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Jane Austin’s Fight Club

Tweeta Fake trailer for a movie that combines 18-19th century Literature and Guys movies, with an Epic result.

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