Lurkerz Break – OMGPOP

this is an amazing flash site, you log in with facebook or sign up for a user.

click image to visit site

they offer many multi-player games, classics like:

  • Pool
  • UNO
  • Oekaki
and they have their own original games which are a lot of fun, a thing i like about the site is that everbody is nice, and the atmosphere is fun, you can spend hours playing there :P

Classic Meme – AYBABTU (UPDATE)


Update: this Meme Turned 10years old. Click more to read the Article.

i’d like to share with you an old meme today, according to Wikipedia , it all started when a .GIF (Above) of the opening scene of a game called Zero wing on Sega MD (1989) was posted in a forum called “Rage Games” (now its part of IGN), its been an online sensation ever since. Read the rest of this entry »