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Sugar in random foods

Tweetthis is a video of the sugar content of a few random foods. so much sugar in everything [Source]

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Crow feeds the pets

Tweetthis image is epic, i LOVE crows because they are really smart birds, the dog seems to be forced to eat, the crow is a bully XD

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Gangnam Style Baby

Tweethe won’t eat unless its on. cute :3

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Pizza Cupcakes


Tweet I am sooooo gonna participate in P2BK next year, because these cupcakes will bring all the boys to the yard, damn right its pizza cupcakes, YUMMM! Check out the [Source] for more pics and the recipe

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Korea Week (Kuwait 8th to 11th May 2012)

TweetI Loved the Japanese event from last year, so lets see what the Korean Counterpart would be. This whole post in its entirety is Re-Blogged from iLSuL6ana (much Thanks) : تنظم سفارة جمهورية كوريا بالكويت “أسبوع كوريا” خلال الفترة من 8 إلى

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Roomates Stealing Food

TweetLOL, i didnt see that coming he totally planned this video but i like the idea

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Harmless Weapons – Art by Kyle Bean

Tweet “Harmless Weapons,” Brighton-based designer Kyle Bean‘s latest photo series for a  CUT Magazine article on yarn bombing and guerrilla gardening. reblogged from [TheDailyWhat]

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This baby is creepy yet funny

TweetLittle Orileh is really excited about yogurt. Or terrified of it. Or angry at it. Or all three. Combined.   Source [TheDailyWhat/Reddit]

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The Walking Taco – Tutorial

Tweet  When the weather gets hot, sometimes you just need an extra-easy, extra-portable meal. So, if my childhood trips to summer camp taught me one thing about mobile food, it’s this: there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a walking taco

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Merry Christmas o Bel 3aafia


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Food Fight!

TweetEpic vid imo, loved how it was done and after it finished i was so hungry for some reason Best Weapon is falafil hands down!

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A Blog Called Scanwiches

Tweetso there’s this blog that’s all about tasty food (not, lol), the interesting thing is that they had the idea to scan the sandwich and then post it, amazing… some of these pictures are delicious others look like pure

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Pikberry opens @ The Avenues

Tweet So I went with bo3li the other day to the Avenues to try the Pinkberry place that opened, now I didn’t know anything about Pinkberry nor did I try frozen yogurt before, it was a little crowded but after

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