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Distance – Game Review

Tweet The game Distance is a game developed by Refract Studios and its an arcade racing game with a futuristic look and simple racing feel with cool twists to arcade racers I’ve played so far. the developers describe it best: “Distance

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Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer

Tweetthis last Minecon (annual Minecraft convention) Telltale Games revealed the trailer for their new Minecraft game, this is a game separate from Mojang’s Minecraft, but is made in collaboration with them as a spin off the main series, Mojang teased

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Outland & Deadlight – double game reviews

TweetRecently I’ve been playing two side scrolling puzzle platforming games. this is a somewhat popular genre in the recent years with the rise of the indie games, and so I will share with you my experience playing both of these

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Tweet Warframe is an Action 3rd person shooter game, developed by Digital extremes.

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Weird Japanese Video

Tweetthis is an ad for a game called “Japan World Cup 3” the footage is actual game play   my favorite was the sideways horse, LOL. also notice the ninja horse, the rider is hiding.

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Super Mario Brothers, Portal Edition

Tweetfor real you guys, remember the video from Dorkly [LINK] ? well someone is working on a version of the ACTUAL GAME with WORKING PORTALS! I’m So excited, for more info go to Stab yourself Original Post by ToplessRobot  

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