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the hunger gameRs

Tweetan amazing action packed video inspired by The Hunger Games AKA Battle Royal rip-off 😛

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Video games Marching Band

Tweetabsolutely amazing stuff, a must watch

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Android Apps of the Week – CooLooserTech

TweetEpisode 143 of CooLooserTech is full of really awesome games, EVEN the live wallpaper is epic.  

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Android Games – Gravity Project & Epic Raiders


TweetIt’s been a while since I posted any games on Android, I don’t play that much. anyway here are 2 games I liked the 1st is very similar to the classic Pepsi Man om PS1. It’s called Gravity Project    The other

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Korea Week (Kuwait 8th to 11th May 2012)

TweetI Loved the Japanese event from last year, so lets see what the Korean Counterpart would be. This whole post in its entirety is Re-Blogged from iLSuL6ana (much Thanks) : تنظم سفارة جمهورية كوريا بالكويت “أسبوع كوريا” خلال الفترة من 8 إلى

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PS Vita in Kuwait

Tweet My friend today bought PS Vita (WiFi + 3G) from Markaz AlKuwaiti in Re7ab. He got it with 2 games Uncharted: Golden Abyss,a and Ultimate MArvel vs. Capcom 3 for KD230 the handheld itself is KD180. It’s a lot but

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Lurkerz Break – Flash game

TweetToday’s game is a very creative game, it borrows the idea from one of the DS Games you play it by drawing things for your character     and the next game is called Sp**D (Speed) you pick up the

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Eurogamer Expo

Tweet My friend just sent me my ticket to the 2011 Eurogamer Expo. it’s here in London, where all of the big upcoming games will be playable(Batman AC, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Tekken vs. Street Fighter etc.) Also, thre thing am

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Real Life Cheating


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Lurkerz Break – Flash Game

Tweet    try to reach the third level, i only got to it once 😛

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Kung Fu Live: Trailer

TweetA ton of games are being announced for E-3. Kung Fu Live caught my attention. I remembered the 1st Mortal Kombat from this trailer.

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This seems interesting

TweetWell apparently all the new controllers being developed where you can use your hands and sensors to move and what not was not enough for people, Seems fun to be honest but i wonder how much this is gonna affect

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Flash Game: The Impossible Game

Tweet last night a friend of mine (thanks Charizma!) gave me a link to this flash game, it takes a while to play and it really requires that you “think outside the box” and to even take the “questions” literally,

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