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GameStick – promising gaming console

Tweetyou might have heard of “Ouya“, its an Android based gaming console, GameStick is a similar console but the difference is the design, its shaped a lot like the Android TV I bought earlier [Review] with an HDMI output and

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upcoming gaming Consoles between 1999 and 2012

Tweetremember back in the day when our expectations for new consoles ? these days the new gen consoles are not as exciting, its true that the golden era of gaming has passed, and now the industry is getting has grown

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Consoles over the past 40 years

TweetI found this the other day and I thought It would be cool to share it here, I wish I can find a bigger picture size. click on the picture to enlarge Question: How many consoles you’ve tried from your

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My new toy has arrived..

TweetAs Tony Montana says: You wanna fuck with me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend! and thats my little friend here! its da R.A.T 7! == “R.A.T.7 nominated for Best Hardware Accessory” Gamescom 2010.

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