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Recreating famous logos

TweetArtist Seb Lester uses a free hand technique to write famous logos, from Star Wars to Google.     Amazing skills.

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The Social Kingdoms

Tweetthis is a great Game of Thrones parody of the intro of the show, designed by HootSuite to look like the show’s famous intro. its a hoot to watch xD.   Source

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Google’s Roadmap to World Domination – an Infographic

Tweetwe all know how technology improves our lives, but as it gets involved more and more into details of different aspects in life things like privacy issues start surfacing, taking this subject further we can look at Google being one

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Google Makes $100 Million everyday.

TweetHere’s how.    

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Nexus 7

TweetNexus 7 is the latest tablet made by Asus for Google. I just bought it from PC World here in London. What caught most of our attention, when it was announced, is the price tag on Google’s newest gadget. I

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If they Were Honest

Tweet comic by the DogHouse

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Google Maps 8-Bit, April Fools Joke is REAL

Tweetthis is one of the Reasons why i love Google. they made a “NES” version of Google Maps, btw if you don’t know what NES is or never had one, you never had a good childhood, or still going through

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Who’s the boss ?


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Superman vs. Googles+

Tweet XD I lol’D

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Infograph – Google Biggest Gamble

TweetRead the Graph After the jump  

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Google Acquisitions: Infographic


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Google+ Android App

TweetI just downloaded the Google+ App. This is amazing, I know you can’t download it from the Android Market, But I managed to get the download link for the apk.      Download the APK here

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10 Reasons why we hate facebook

Tweet Also, I uploaded 2 pics in this post for the lolz 😛

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I dunno if i trust Google Anymore

Tweet before watching this i used to love and trust Google, now i think its another (and probably more successful) Microsoft/Apple, they are – all three – trying to take over our lives for profit, what do you think ??

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Google Launches Real-time Search

Tweetif you have Googled something recently, you might have noticed that Google search has changed a little bit, they have a search function that gives you information and links in real time as they are appearing, look at this video

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