Google’s Roadmap to World Domination – an Infographic

we all know how technology improves our lives, but as it gets involved more and more into details of different aspects in life things like privacy issues start surfacing, taking this subject further we can look at Google being one of the largest tech companies out there with products that covers most things in our daily lives, this gives a lot of power to Google and its a bit concerning to see that much information in the hands of one company acting as a service provider, so this infographic talks in a bit more detail how Google (and their Google Maps) is conquering the world.


Google Maps Its Way to World Domination

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 is the latest tablet made by Asus for Google. I just bought it from PC World here in London. What caught most of our attention, when it was announced, is the price tag on Google’s newest gadget.


I bought it for 200£ + rubber cover + Norton antivirus.
it’s 16g I wouldn’t buy it if it was just 8g. Specially when there’s no room for SDcard. Which is a huge letdown.


On the bright side the tablet is light, and small fits right into your hand. It has Google’s latest Android update Jellybean 4.1


which isn’t a major update like Ice Cream Sandwich. This was more like a deep update for the OS infrastructure. It’s super smooth, fast, and responsive.
Loved Google Now feature.
If you want a tablet this is a must buy.


Google Maps 8-Bit, April Fools Joke is REAL

this is one of the Reasons why i love Google.

they made a “NES” version of Google Maps,

btw if you don’t know what NES is or never had one,

you never had a good childhood, or still going through yours.

So i went and check Google Maps and Found this:

- Click Image for Full Size -

did i mention i LOVE Google for this ?

its Cute and Old school and stuff, I’m so hyper I need to take a nap.

Google Launches Real-time Search

if you have Googled something recently, you might have noticed that Google search has changed a little bit, they have a search function that gives you information and links in real time as they are appearing, look at this video to see how it works:

this has been launched since the 7th of dec., also this article has more details about it : TechCrunch and also PCWorld

thank you Google, for without you lurking wouldn’t be possible :P