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“Hell No” movie trailer

Tweetthis horror movie is awesome okay the trailer is fictitious but its still awesome

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Brazilian Japanese Horror Movie Prank

Tweetthat was a long post title, but you will find it describes the video rather perfectly 😛       totally this is not a good idea, they went too far LOL

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The Horror Porfolio

Tweetsimply, an excellent montage video.

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This cat is Scary

TweetLOL, this was the first time i see something cute and scary yabeela Red button at the end

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Too late – a short film about zombies

TweetThis is Awesome, i like the ending as well Too Late from SIDE FILMS on Vimeo.  

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Kuwait horror movie.

Tweet Here is a local thriller/horror short film. It was made by a bunch of Kuwaiti students here. They filmed it a few months ago and below it is part 2 which was just released. Enjoy and comment with your

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