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S4 Samsung Style

Tweetthis video is soooo wrong which makes it perfect

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Animal Impressions

Tweetthis asian guy is pretty good at animals sounds, check it out: this is a list of animals he’s done: Dog Hurt dog rooster Chicken Female Goat Male Goat Baby Goat Cow Crow Mountain Crow Horse Horse cart Dog begging

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Jacob Singing Donya

TweetLOOOL this Indian guy is epic He should be on Arab Got Talent or something, EDIT: i want a Dubstep Remix 😛

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Indian Amateur Stuntman

Tweetياحلات الهندي لما يتفلسف Lame, but worth watching, i was waiting for him to fall or something 😛

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Longest ear hair record

Tweet  Indian citizen, Anthony Victor, holds the record of the most ear hair. We’re not quite sure how proud one should be about this fact, but Victor has hair measuring up to 7.12 inches sprouting from the center of his

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Indian Nyan Cat

TweetSo someone made the Indian Movie Version of the Nyan Cat It’s Awesome!

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