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if Instagram was in the 80’s

Tweetthis is an awesome fake informercial (Duh!)

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The Social Kingdoms

Tweetthis is a great Game of Thrones parody of the intro of the show, designed by HootSuite to look like the show’s famous intro. its a hoot to watch xD.   Source

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Bloggers Gathering Ramadhan Instagram Contest

Tweetits All in the pictures :B

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Instagram for Chrome

TweetI think a lot of people are totally oblivious there’s a Chrome store. You can download apps to enhance your browsing experience; make it faster, and more user friendly. one of the most known Apps for iOS/Android is Instagram. I

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Eye Candy – Tokyo in Slow Motion

Tweetthis is a video made by a Japanese Artist called Alex Lee   what i like about it is the use of filters and slowmotion and a combination of other things including “tilt-Shift” and it represents the life and people

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