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دولة الإنترنت الديموقراطية

TweetThis article goes to the most positive person in my timeline @Rawanotions أُسدل الستار قبل أيام على معرض الكتاب, في كل عام تتجمع دور النشر العربية والمحلية في المعرض لعرض آخر الكتب في شتى مجالات الحياة. وفي كل عام تظهر

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Infograph – How much data is created every minute online


Tweetthis amazing infograph by Domo Click Image for full size

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Viral Videos – a short documentary

Tweetwhat are viral videos? what are the effects? reasons? causes of them? this is a big side of Internet culture, and even wolrd wide. i love YouTube, i love videos and most of all i love the Internet.

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Google Fiber

Google Fiber

Tweetlet’s Al-Shaye3 would bring them here. Skynet is getting closer lol for more on this click here

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Online Gamers and Girls

TweetThis is an Amazing infographic on Online Gaming Vs. Dating Sites, in terms of possibilities of meeting girls :p

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How much does the Internet weigh ?

Tweetthe same youtuber that made the video about dreams, Vsauce made this amazing video i totally subscribed to them the last time, i love this kind of information.  

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Who’s the boss ?


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A true Internet story

TweetOMG, i have come across a few internet stories like this over the years, but none of which as interesting or even creepy like this one, this is an amazing video:   i would like to know your opinion, is

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Reddit – An infograph

TweetI have always heard of Reddit, but only this year is when i started going there regularly. it’s an amazing site, just check out this infograph after the jump

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Ben Huh – Meme Empire Creator

TweetHow does one build an empire on pictures of cats with silly, misspelled captions?   Ben Huh is the guy who did just that, he is the CEO of “The Cheezburger Network” Site, some of the sites in the network

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مو زين

Tweetالحمدلله خلصت العمرة, الحين الكل يقدري يناديني عمري U_U المهم لما رديت الفندق, قلت ابي اشبك صارلي شهر مو شابك يوم كامل بالصج من غير نت= شهر انترنتي المهم دقيت عل روم سرفيس أبي  اعرف اذا عندهم انترنت بالفندق قالي

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I liek turtles!

Tweetso the past few days my Internet was [FAIL]ing Hard, Browsing pages meant waiting for 3 minutes for a page to load, and being a guy that uses Tons of tabs at the same time, it was too frusterating to

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Cap Table

TweetThis table shows the capping limits given by the ISP’s compared to what clients signed for via q8cap

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VIVA: 42Mbps internet

Tweet VIVA introduces the ultimate mobile broadband product in Kuwait with up to 42 Mbps for super fast downloads, uploads and seamless online streaming. Satisfy your need for speed and dive instantly into your online activities. When you pay off-contract

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Infograph about the Internet in 2010


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Epic SaxGuy- a New RickRoll?

Tweet according to Urlesque, this guy has been around for a while, and hes very popular on the internet to be used as a RickRoll on the internet nowadays, even though i never seen him before, but its seems like

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