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this Japanese guy is a moron

Tweetbut he’s funny XD the face he makes while he’s trying to show off his “cool” mechanism he made for a smartphone wrist launcher.

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Gundam Hotel, Amuro style Room

TweetOMG *-* Gundam is one of my favorite mecha of all time, and i wanna go there, its in odaiba near the big RX78-2 model.   but then i realized that the principality of zeon insignia is all over the room,

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Speaking of Bikes..

TweetTwo Fictional Bikes have become reality recently and I thought I want to share with you guys. First off we have Kanaeda Bike from the Japanese Animated movie Akira videos of this bike were all over the Internet Last week

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Birds – Japanese Commercial

TweetThey’re so creative

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Wipeout in real life [Quantum Levitation]

Tweetthis is an amazing video of a track with vehicles that use Quantum Levitation made in by Japanese scientists ofcourse. makes the video game idea come to reality Source [GeeksAreSexy]

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Most Expensive Car Crash Ever

TweetApparently this happened.. At least eight Ferraris, two Mercedes, and a Lamborghini were among 14 cars involved in this accident. more info [here] Source [TheDailyWhat]

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The Sword Maker – a short film

Tweetthis video is about one the few remaining Japanese traditional sword smiths, he has an interesting story to share, and a very unique way to make a living.   Handmade Portraits: The Sword Maker from Etsy on Vimeo.   i personally

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Japanese Magician walks through a table

Tweetcool idea.

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AC Jacket

TweetA Japanese company invented an AC Jacket. Each can work up to 11 hours, a single jacket costs $140 We MUST have those here

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Sweaty Fire Rescue

TweetI laughed so hard. The idea of this Japanese show is the fire fighters must save the people from the burning house. They are sweaty now cuz it’s hot.

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Portable Toilet

Tweet1-hatha zain 7g el mo5ayam 2-this takes public urination to a whole other level 3-he leveled up in 0:24 4-Japan FTW

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Berserk Movie Gets a Release Date

Tweet The good news the release date is revealed, the bad it’s January 2012, In Japan that is. This means I’ll have to wait til the end of 2012 to get the BluRay. here’s the Full news from ANN: This

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74 year old Japanese body builder

Tweetat first i was like “ewww” but then i’m like “Woow”

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How to Do it Right – Japan

TweetA mere six days after repair work began on an earthquake-demolished section of the Great Kanto Highway in Naka the road was ready to be reopened.   أي بالضبط نفس دوار الشيراتون عندنا

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Meanwhile in Japan

Tweet For more you can go Here

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Triple Spinning: Japanese show

Tweetthe 3rd guy is just brilliant O.o

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Google SkyDivingO

TweetJapanese are just so awesome O.o

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Tokyo Game Show 2010: UPDATED

Tweet It is here. The biggest gaming event after E3: Tokyo Game Show(TGS) I prefer it on E3 because it is open to the public for 2 days unlike E3 which is only for the press. Lets get to the news.

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Divorce in Japan

Tweetit costs $600. They can do it for free :S

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Japanese English lesson

Tweetthe first thing you should learn in English..

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