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Japanese video

Tweetthis is just a normal game in normal japan. okay maybe NOT

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Brazilian Japanese Horror Movie Prank

Tweetthat was a long post title, but you will find it describes the video rather perfectly 😛       totally this is not a good idea, they went too far LOL

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MameShiba, Weird Japanese Ads

Tweetthey are amazing, if you can withstand Japanese dry humor   Mameshiba are a decidedly unappetizing race of dog-faced legumes that spout bizarre, unsolicited trivia nuggets. They initially starred in a series of 20 interstitials produced by the Tokyo-based advertising agency Dentsu. Here are all 20, in chronological

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Gou Miyagi – Amazing Skater

TweetThis guy is really flexible, and has some interesting Skateboarding skills     i don’t think he skates as much as use the skateboard to show off his flexibility

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My nightmares are coming True

Tweeti dreamt of something close to this earlier this week, it’s not the kind of dream i could share with you, its worse than this: imagine it without the music, now can YOU sleep ?

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Japanese Method of Cooling your Car

TweetI’ve heard about this on Reddit i think i will try this tomorrow, especially if i park in the sun.   Thanks to Mr. Essa Ramadhan for putting a link to the following video:  

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At Cathy’s House

Tweetwant to know whats it like to be on drugs? watch this video:

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Pink Armadillo

Tweetremember Starfish Hitler And Squid Westler ?? Say hello to Pink Armadillo the best part is the zoom in while she’s dancing 😛

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Salaryman Man

Tweet thanks to Greak for the Lulz

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the “make it yourself japanese candy sushi” kit

Tweetlearn to make sushi yourself, candy sushi that it. it’s more like a chemistry set 0.o

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Tweet list of things this video IS: creepy fail annoying Japanese list of things this video IS NOT: entertaining cute meaningful fun normal i just can’t stop watching this, WTF? Ű”Ű§Ű±ÙˆŰźŰŸ

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Japanese Spider Crab

Tweetthis animal is amazing, it sheds its whole shell (which by the way is also its skeleton) in a time-lapse video also its called spider crab because i think it has 8 legs instead of the normal 6.. maybe the

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Why Japan is awesome.

Tweetthis is why the Japanese are awesome

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Japan’s Super Scooters

TweetApparently in Japan people love to customize anything! Although to be honest these scooters look pretty cool. It’s funny seeing some of the bright pink and colorful ones, with a bunch of tough “biker dudes” next to them. In Japan

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