MameShiba, Weird Japanese Ads

they are amazing, if you can withstand Japanese dry humor


Mameshiba are a decidedly unappetizing race of dog-faced legumes that spout bizarre, unsolicited trivia nuggets.

They initially starred in a series of 20 interstitials produced by the Tokyo-based advertising agency Dentsu.

Here are all 20, in chronological order.

[Thedailywhat d-a-n.]

Japan’s Super Scooters

Apparently in Japan people love to customize anything! Although to be honest these scooters look pretty cool. It’s funny seeing some of the bright pink and colorful ones, with a bunch of tough “biker dudes” next to them.
In Japan you’re not allowed to customize a bike that has an engine bigger than 400cc. So most of these are the 250cc category, which are easily customizable.

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