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Really low budget Filipino predator

Tweetare these guys serious? its so low budget predator doesn’t even walk, the effects were awesome LOL

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Tweetremember when I posted epic dubstep goat ? (No? click here) well this is Goat beatbox. I lol’d so much and replayed it like 3 times. poor goat. XD  

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Hello, this is dog

Tweeta dog on the phone is epic. and he also Texts LOL  

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Kramer Reaction to Dubstep

Tweetone of my friends had a similar reaction now he hates dubstep XD

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How to [NOT] pronounce “meme” properly

TweetLOL this is so hilarious but seriously, this is the meaning of meme: meme/mēm/  Noun: An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation. An image, video, etc.

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Hidden Message

Tweetfor our readers Hint: don’t do it

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If Super Mario was French

TweetHe would be Super Pierre

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النظرة معبرة

TweetLOL, the look on the guys face you know the guy behind a camera has a troll face on LOL

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this guy is on drugs, or just retarded

Tweeti dunno why is this guy doing this, i know the music being played might get you hyper but seriously man calm down LOL

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ديك رومي مسوي فلم رعب

TweetIT’S LIKE CLOVERFIELD, but in turkey (get it?) this turkey is a pretty cool guy, he doesn’t afraid of anything. also he scared the crap out of this lady. i need a button for horror music and background.  

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It’s a Whale

TweetiPhone owner gets bored, LOL    someone also made This

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Nice Prank

Tweetthey wired the Break Lights to the car horn the result was LOLS

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Facebook! you’re doing it right


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your personality based on how you eat corn

Tweet i didn see that coming

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the return of uncle Benon – Trailer

Tweet “non stop action movie movie” Istagofalisa!

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turtle Balances itself

Tweet Like a Boss!

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160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

Tweethere are ten minutes of arnold: you’re welcome!

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